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Flying Fish Coffee & Tea Closing March 12th in Mount Pleasant – New Concept Coming from Each Peach Owners

by Prince Of Petworth March 2, 2017 at 10:00 am 27 Comments

3064 Mt. Pleasant St, NW

End of a mini-era. Flying Fish opened up back in 2011. Thanks to Dave for sending word from Flying Fish:

After nearly six years in operation, Flying Fish will be closing its doors on March 12. But fear not! Coming soon will be a new concept by the owners of Each Peach Market (including some great coffee).

It has been a pleasure to be your local stop for coffee and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the friendship and support you have shown me over the years.”

flying fish popville

Each Peach Market opened up at 3068 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW back in 2013. Updates when more is known on the new concept.

each peach

  • Newtonian

    You will be missed!

  • mtpresident

    I always wanted to like Flying Fish more than I actually did. Glad to hear that Each Peach can step into the space to try something new.

    • PoPOverWork

      Agreed. But I am sad that the telework special will be gone from the hood!

    • Windy

      This is exactly how I feel.

    • TinkerTaylor


    • NorthByNE

      Same here. Looking forward to something new from Each Peach and the new Hellers.

      • bruno

        Couldn’t disagree more. I loved Flying Fish and will miss it very much.

    • David Mc

      So tried to like them. I thought the staff was great, but the coffee.. well, let’s just say it was the best on the street.


  • Pleasanter

    Not that sad about this. The times I went to Flying Fish I either got weak coffee or lackluster customer service (like baristas having their own conversation behind the counter while I was waiting to order), so I haven’t been back in a while. I’m interested to see what Each Peach will do.

    • Whatever

      +1 Lackadaisical staff and overrun with campers. Anyway, supposedly Mike has other ‘projects’ he’s been working on.

    • MtPleasantville

      +1 to mtpresident and Pleasanter. Wanted to like it, but usually got mediocre coffee at the speed of distracted hipster (which was particularly painful if it was my *first* cup of coffee that morning).

      Interested to see what Each Peach will do–hope we get the quality without the quantity of bills that have to leave my wallet.

  • Egad

    I love Each Peach! Looking forward to their expansion.

  • Mountebank of Mt. Pleasant

    Nooooooooooo! Those lattes were unsurpassed! This is the worst thing that’s happened to Mount Pleasant since the fire.

    • TJ

      Prone to drama?
      OK coffee served awkwardly in an uninspired space full of laptop squatters vs. long-term displacement of 100s of people by an extraordinary fire…

  • OiWithThePoodles

    Now I feel guilty for not going over there more often. It was such a relaxed, chill place compared to most of the other coffee places in DC. Places like the Wydown, TCB and Compass have great coffee, but I always feel like I am taking up space and and don’t really “fit in.” Flying Fish was reminiscent of the relaxed coffee shops I frequented in my college town, and I’ll miss it.

  • CoHinMtP

    This is a bummer. First Habit now Flying Fish. Is a gourmet coffee shop not a viable business in Mt P?

    • MoldieOldie

      wait for Paisley Fig. they’ll be like Tryst north.

      • Jeff Lang

        i did hear that Paisley Fig will not have wi-fi.

        • bruno


          • Rosette

            +1 I’m looking foward to a coffee spot and bakery where I can actually sit down and enjoy good coffee and a treat (maybe a conversation with a human) vs internet cafe with a side of coffee where people park for the day. I miss Qualia since moving from Petworth to Mt. P. but I do appreciate having closer access to those amazing guava turnovers.

    • Mary Kate

      I dont think so. Like several other people have commented, I wanted to like FF, but the quality of coffee and service was only ever “okay.” I found Habit to be the same. I think a hipster coffee shop can survive, if it provides a little better service. I’m optimistic that Paisley Fig will thrive. I’ve always gotten better coffee and better service at Room 11 than I ever did in the Mt P shops. And maybe Each Peach will do something good with coffee in the space. Here’s to hoping.

      • Mary Kate

        Hmm, my comment wasn’t clear. What I intended to say was that a shop COULD BE viable, with a little better service and better pours.

  • n3

    Nooo!! When I lived in the neighborhood, this place got me through the bar exam. It was always a good mix of grad students and international development professionals coming back and telling stories.

    Wish the owner well.

    Also – this is a testament to how running a single cafe is probably not a super viable business model in DC. A high volume coffee shop, done 100% right, pulls in about 30k of profit. Need to have lots of locations to make it make sense (or be a roaster and sell retail/wholesale).

  • anon

    I believe Flying Fish opened in 2011. It was open when I moved to the neighborhood in fall of 2011.

  • KBT

    Please tell me the croissant bread sandwiches will be back!!!!!

  • dcd

    I haven’t been there in years, but I remember Mike (I think it was mike) from when he was a manager at Baked & Wired. Good luck!

  • MissHobartStreet

    Bye Felicia!

    GREAT news! Flying Fish is terrible. The staff are rude & condescending, the coffee is weak, and the food is overpriced. What we need in the neighborhood is a legit coffee and bagel/breakfast sandwich shop.


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