• 16th St.

    I love this place! Great coffee and great addition to the neighborhood.

    • yadayada

      agreed. I think they have one of the best espresso’s in DC because they actually use a good dark roast as opposed to the bitter lighter roasts used by most other “hip” coffee joints in this city.

  • Anonny

    The coffee is ok, I guess — I’m a snob about other things, so my standards are average. I like the communal farm table. The individual tables, however, are wobbly IKEA shite; the owner should invest in better furniture because it’ll cost him less in the long run. Too much front window space is lost with just 2 chairs. The overall space could use some kind of decor; it’s a little clinical at the moment. Not sure what “flying fish” would inspire, but surely something?

    (Maybe I’m a snob about seating?)

    • JohnnyReb

      Yeah, I don’t get the flying fish idea either, but I also never would have thought that a bosomy mermaid would lead to billions of dollars…

      • Anonymous

        From what I overheard from the owner is that his last name means fisherman in some language I can’t remember. He was bug into cars when he was you and named his made up car “the flying fish.”

        When he opened up this place that’s the name he stuck with.

        I thought it was a reference to Seattle’s Pike Market where they throw the fish for tourist.

        • M


  • Anonymous

    Great coffee, excellent addition to the neighborhood.

  • Colt45

    Oh my gosh – I can’t believe anyone could have any complaint- I am so thrilled to have this awesome place in my neighborhood, it’s friendly, the coffee is great, what more is needed? The owner is a great dude!

    Also – seriously the best cold brewed ice coffee I’ve had in DC.

    • Dan

      How does it compare to Qualia’s?

  • TEM

    LOVE this place! Sure, it would be great if it had a slightly more cozy, lived-in feel, but it *is* brand new, so it’ll probably get that over time…

    The coffee is awesome–I drink so much Starbucks crap at work downtown that I had forgotten how amazing a simple latte with no extra flavoring or anything should be! I’ve switched over to iced coffee for the summer, and theirs is pretty darn good, too!

    The pastries and such a decent. I’ve tried a few different things–nothing blew me away, but nothing was bad either. But I’m fine with that, and glad that their focus is on the coffee!

  • rockcreek

    They’re giving away grounds for compost as well.

    Coffee is above average, but not mind blowing … still, very glad to have them in Mt. P.

  • Ed

    I beg to differ — I don’t think the iced coffee tastes very good. Also, the food options, at least in the afternoon, are minimal and not very appealing, kept as they are on a tiny shelf along the back wall.

    I don’t want to seem overly critical, but my complaint reflects my continuing disappointment that with few exceptions DC does not have the kind of cozy, independent coffee bars with really good coffee and baked goods that are standard fare for smaller cities and towns. I had high hopes for this place.

  • svi

    Coffee is pretty good, they close too early though.

  • Johnny

    Agree the design is lacking. The lamenate floor has got to go or at least cover it up with some big rugs. Get some better furniture too. Is it that hard to mimic tryst? That is a place you can sit and stay awhile. Not just because the furniture is comfy but because the ambiance is welcoming. Glad it’s up and running though and hopefully he can make some upgrades in the future. I would suggest a nicely crafted sign out front of a Fish flying an airplane.

  • MtPer

    I love this place and am thrilled to have it in the neighborhood! Standard coffee is pretty good, the espresso drinks are fantastic. The pastry/food selection is minimal but they are all handmade from local suppliers, unlike many other coffee shops in town.

  • steve chaplain

    Coffee is not good in my opinion. I love coffee, drink it daily but this is poorly brewed and lacks bold flavor. A coffee shop should be excellent not average if it mainly sells coffee while being able to please wide variety of coffee drinkers (snobs included). I hope they improve, I prefer drinking from local establishments. I wish Flying Fish well though

  • andy

    Nice guys, nice place. Coffee is pretty good, but I wish they had more choices in pastries.

    But I want them to succeed like nobody’s business! They are on my commute, sort of.

  • Ben

    I live across the street from Flying Fish, and wish it all the best – it’s a great addition to that little strip. Hopefully it will be so successful that they’ll be able to expand into the spaces that currently house Golden Scissors and/or Mayflower…

    The traffic through there seems lower than it should be, and I think I know the reason why: from the outside, the place always looks closed, even when it isn’t. They don’t have a light up near the front window. This, along with the slanted position of the building and dark paint, conspire to make it look really dark in there. Only if you walk by at the right angle can you see way into the back where people are brewing coffee and the like.

    Things they could do to help this: rearrange the furniture in the front window so more people can sit there, put a light in the front of the space so it doesn’t look like a cave (or track lighting to highlight the entire south wall), repaint the south wall in a brighter color, put a piece of art (or pieces of art) on the wall near the window to make it look more lived-in, put a sandwich board sign out front with daily specials (like they did in the beginning, but have strangely stopped doing). If the ANC would allow one or two small outside tables, that would also help a lot.

    Clearly, I’ve pondered this question way too much. I spend every morning at the bus stop across the street, so I’ve had plenty of time to consider the options…

    • DCster

      I agree with you. I didn’t know it was open because it has always looked closed/lights out the (admittedly few) times I’ve gone by on bus/by foot. I’m not a coffee drinker, but now that it’s open, I’ll have to try out their pastries.

    • Anonymous

      Yeh maybe Mike can expand into Mayflower and start putting his pastry chef skills to use!

    • anal me

      While we’re on the topic. It has been annoying me for months that there is a dead branch on top of the bay windows at the front. I know its picky of me, but it adds to the ‘is this place open?’ vibe.

  • Jack

    They need to get longer hours! There’s nothing I’d rather do after work than settle down for a nice cup of coffee with a book, but they close so soon that it’s difficult to go. I’m sure they work very long hours already, but maybe they could take a mid-afternoon siesta?

    • M

      For real. The 7 p.m. hours make it impossible to meet there with friends after work, too.

  • Jack

    That said, Flying Fish is a great addition to the neighborhood. Very pleasant space, although they could fit more tables in there and make them a bit sturdier. The cold brewed coffee is especially good.

  • Tim

    Coffee good, food not so good, internet fast, still smells like building materials and not coffee (surely not for long). All in all pretty good, but not best, coffee place in the neighborhood.

    • Colt45

      What’s a better place in Mt Pleasant for coffee than Flying Fish?

      • Rosie

        Maybe Dos Gringos?

  • jdd

    Two words: pour over. Spend the extra three minutes every time. Consistently some of the best coffee I’ve had. Pour over, you won’t regret it.

  • KA

    I love that they have the option of yogurt instead of just pastries and bagels. I have a meeting one morning a week and we have switched from Tynan to Flying Fish – just for the option of a healthier breakfast.

  • Dan

    Do they do pour over? Where are their beans from?

    • jdd

      Oh yeah, the pour overs are the best, unquestionably. They normally have five different bean locations to choose from, mostly Latin America, but I’ve seen a few from Ethiopia too.

      • Dan

        What roaster do they use? Counter Culture?

        • jdd


        • d

          yeah they do use counter culture for pour overs. first time i’ve seen them. really good.

  • Brian

    i love flying fish. i get coffee there a few times a week, and i think it’s great. it’s nice to have a good coffee shop on the south side of mount pleasant.

  • Irving the Pirate

    Thrilled that FF opened up in Mt P. Coffee and espresso drinks are super solid — by far the best in the neighborhood. As it’s a coffee joint and not a restaurant, I’m okay with the food selection. It’s no Pregrine or Mid-City, but Mt P ain’t 14th Street either. Don’t have any complaints about the decor either. It is what it is — a low key, cozy, by the bootstraps place. Maybe it will change as they make more cash, but if people are looking for plastic and formulaic, Tynan’s is just up the street…

  • Chris

    Wow, it’s great to see such great reviews, I will have to check it out. But seriously why can’t coffee places stay open past 7 or 8??? I’m studying for a big test in October and NOTHING is open past 8 up in CH. Why can’t we get a place that stays open later? Does anyone know a place?

    • Anonymous


    • mphs

      Argh. Another GRE applicant hogging seats in a small cafe.

      Listen, I wish you well. Can you study at home? If not, if you have an office, get a coffee and spend two-three solid hours hitting it hard. That will replicate the test environment more than a cafe with your headphones on, and offices are QUIET from 5-8 pm. And, then go to a cafe, or a bar, and drink and chat with other customers.

  • Anonymous

    Love it. It’s a perfect neighborhood cafe and an awesome addition to Mt P. Espressos are great and the ice coffee is really good too. Staff is super friendly.

  • Cait

    Best iced chai in the neighborhood

  • Anonymous

    Lots of promise. Coffee is pretty good, steer clear of the food options, it’s pretty band fare.

    Overall, I think it’s a great addition and can only get better. Improved even in the two weeks between my first visit and second.

  • Anonny

    “Why can’t they stay open past 7 p.m.?”

    Because people also expect them to be open before 7 a.m.

    I don’t envy the owner in this regard. A coffeehouse is a tough business plan in terms of meeting customer expectations about hours of operation and the resulting staffing issues. What do people expect him to do? Shut down between when and when? (And then hear complaints about how he’s not open during “normal” business hours.) Sleep in his office?

    File this under “you can’t please everybody.”

  • A

    I love: the dirty chai, the location and the ceilings! Very happy Flying Fish exists.


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