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Dear PoPville – What’s the early review on Each Peach?

by Prince Of Petworth September 9, 2013 at 2:30 pm 40 Comments

3068 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

What are folks thinking about Each Peach Market in Mount Pleasant? I *want* to like it; I really do. We live nearby and were delighted when we heard it was coming. However, I’ve now been in three times and only once have been tempted to buy anything. (Blackberries, which at $4/half pint were not cheap, and turned out to be tasteless and lower quality than I get at the Columbia Heights Giant). The other times I’ve been in I’ve been struck by how sparse the place looks. Any new devotees out there? Recommendations for products they carry? How are their sandwiches? Made- in-house products? I want to support a new neighborhood business, but so far have been kind of underwhelmed.”

  • Rachel

    I was not impressed. Over Priced, and one of the owners was too busy texting to answer my husband and I’s questions. Sad, I had hopes for them.

  • Also Underwhelmed

    I too have been in there a few times- very, very sparse (I’m sure they’re working on getting in some inventory?). The prepared foods area (to what I saw) was simply just cheeses and cured meats but maybe they’ll ramp that in the next few months. I did spy a gal behind the counter slicing up tomatoes but for what? Sandwiches perhaps? I am not sure. Overall, I was a little disappointed but still have faith that maybe their offerings will beef up.

    • Anonymous

      “Sandwiches perhaps?” why yes! Did you miss the huge sign listing them? They’ve been selling sandwiches, soups, hummus, sauces, pies, quiches, cookies, ice cream, cured meats, cheese, produce and olives from day one – some prepared on site – all ready to eat.

      As for “beef(ing) up” the options, they do sell cuts of meat.


  • Ark

    Love it. We’ve been there many times since it opened and bought food there (including good quality meat) every time. I expect prices to be a bit higher, but the quality has been worth it in my opinion. I am very happy to have them in the neighborhood and I hope that everyone will support them.

    • Anonymous

      Listen, I’m far from a capitalist, but this “everyone support the business” attitude has got to stop. If the business wants to stay open, they need to offer things that the community wants. If the community doesn’t want $4 pints of mediocre blackberries, then they won’t stay in business. I use to be apologetic for places (especially Heller’s), but you know what, get your act together and improve if you care enough to stay in business.

      That said, I haven’t been here yet and my hope is that it’s something worthwhile and the community decides that too.

      • Huh?

        I don’t see that attitude anywhere in the previous post. The post indicated that he/she expected higher prices, but never said because it was a small and local business. In fact, I read the sentence to suggest higher prices for higher quality food. One thing I found impressive about Each Peach is that, compared to other gourmet grocery stores, it actually has several items at price points comparable to Giant.

      • Anonymous

        I agree but don’t over-read it. I don’t think the anyone expects people to go there and buy stuff they don’t want just to support a local business. Besides, “support” doesn’t have to mean that you do all your shopping there; it might mean as little as going there yourself once or twice to see what kind of shop it is rather than making up your mind based on what other people are saying. (Not accusing you of anything, just making a general point.)

      • Ark

        I did not have that experience with mediocre food. Everything I have gotten there (including steaks) has been quite good. I certainly don’t spend my money on things I don’t want for the sake of the neighborhood. But if I have to spend a little more to go to Each Peach instead of going to Whole Foods, for the same or better quality foods, then I will support the small business.

  • Anonymous

    Just got back from my first visit, and I felt the same way. Adorable, but pretty sparse. Granted, I know nothing about owning and operating a retail business, but the whole time in there, I was kind of wondering how it will be possible to clear overhead costs with (by appearances) so little merchandise on offer. I probably wouldn’t shop there regularly, but maybe I’d go every now and then, for example if I wanted a fancy cheese without having to trek to Whole Foods or whatnot. (I live two blocks away from Each Peach.)

    • Anon 2:45 again

      I will say thought, I did appreciate some of the local products, like the kimchi in their cold case. I didn’t do much price comparison, but a couple of the veggies I looked at were price-comparable to Whole Foods. Not much in the way of staples on the shelves, but I’d probably stop by occasionally to browse the specialty items.

  • Anon3

    I’ve been to Each Peaceh three times now and each time walked out with a basket full of items. The deli sandwiches – of which I’ve tried two – have been delicious. Great bread and good quality products. The mozarella, hummos, baked items, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and honey I’ve tried have all been really good and I went back for me of all of them. Their charchuterie items look good but I haven’t had any so I can’t give feedback, and the deli cheeses are great. I also really like that they carry local business products too (e.g., capital kombucha, whisked, etc). There are a number of things I wouldn’t necessarily buy there (e.g., couscous, pita chips, etc) but all of the other local business items, as well as the deli and produce quality will bring me back. Really happy it’s part of the neighborhood.

  • styglan1dc

    Tried to go twice – once on a weekday evening and once during Labor Day weekend. Both times it was closed.

    Must be nice to be a “new” business with less/no debt from the KickStarter so you can pick and choose easy hours to work. I know other new businesses in my hood work their butts off at the beginning (and forever) to get new customers.

    Secondhand intel from my GF who lives around the corner is that it is very expensive, however I will hold my critique of that until I actually see the expensive peaches myself.

  • 19th st

    I will echo everyone else — I walked in and felt a bit underwhelmed at their selection. Did get a Capital Kombucha (which, yum.) and picked up some hummus to snack on. Some things seemed crazy high, while other things seemed fairly reasonable. For example, the tub of $3.50 hummus was a good deal if you’ve ever made the mistake of buying hummus by the pound at So’s Your Mom (which, don’t.)

    I do hope they consider getting a few more “stand out” items (maybe some good vegetarian mock-meats, but I’m just being selfish here) or things I can’t get anywhere else in the neighborhood and/or make myself.

  • Anonymous

    Each Peach has been far better than anticipated. A nice range of basics, including a great bread, milk, essential veggies. The milk and meat seemed reasonable, at least comparable to a farmers market. They have a lot of nice dessert options to take to someone’s house, cookies, pies, and fancy ice creams.

    Between Each Peach, the farmers market, and El Progresso, I can get pretty much all my shopping done.

  • KP

    I have been really pleasantly surprised by Each Peach on my three visits. A cup of castelvatranos for $2.10, a pint of hummus for $3.50, and a quart of local plums for $4.50? Beats the prices of most places in the city. That said, I haven’t tried much of their prepared goods or deli items. I enjoy the sparseness (personal taste) and have been surprised the prices aren’t higher. I have always had friendly service, though having one person behind the register does not seem to be sufficient at most times. I feel confident they will work through their natural growing pains.

    • Olive

      Unfortunately, the castelvetrano olives are now $4.95. The container looks to be 50% larger, but the value is not as good as you found earlier.

  • I’ve been three times. The sandwiches are great, and a good value for the size and quality you get. I can see them becoming a good dinner on nights when I am on the way home and don’t want to cook. I love being able to get my trickling springs milk close by. Also like the hummus and bread selections. Bought a chicken breast, which was relatively cheap. So, price-wise I actually think most things are a pretty good deal. I do think it is weird they have so little produce. I stopped in late last week thinking I could grab some seasonal produce for some side dishes and all they had was kale, tomatoes, and potatoes.

    • AE

      Went in right after they opened – I got some bread and cheese that were tasty and reasonably priced. My friend got a sandwich (forgot which one) that he said was amazing. The person I talked to said they’re going to expand their inventory

  • XOill figuri

    I’ve been to Each Peach several times– still trying to figure out what they’re best for (and I’m guessing they’re still trying to figure it out, too). I stopped in yesterday for a couple of onions, some grape tomatoes (a pretty good deal at $2.75/pint) and some tofu. I particularly appreciated that their onions were in beautiful shape (unlike those at Bestworld, which are often pretty rough-looking) and that they’re now carrying Twin Oaks tofu. I’ve also bought Each Peach hummus– as others have said, it’s cheap! I also like the flavor better than Sabra and other mass-market brands. If I were more of a bread-eater I’d try their baguette. I’ve hardly seen anybody else leave the store without one.

  • Chris in Mt.P

    While certain items are pricey (duck prosciutto at $5/oz.) I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the selection and quality of goods (again, duck prosciutto, people) at Each Peach. That’s pleasantly surprising because it does feel quite spartan and ill-lit (save for the display case fluorescents) when you walk in, and the layout is a bit weird compared to most grocery/bodega-type places I’ve been to. Then again there’s very little space for “aisles” in their setup, so they might not have much choice.

    I second the comments about support of local vendors, the quality of the deli-counter sandwiches, and (unfortunately) the occasional inattentiveness of the staff.

  • Anonymous

    I stopped in once. The shelves were mostly bare and the prices astronomical. Sad.

  • Anonymous

    I assume some of the owners will be reading this post, so how about we suggest a few items that are missing from the shelves.

    • reasonable

      How about starting by carrying enough ingredients to make a meal from and not charging more than 40% over Safeway’s non-sale prices (e.g. chobani yogurt). Don’t insult your customers.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve only been once so far. My friend and I split a sandwich, a tub of hummus, some bread, olives, some deli meat and a Capital Kombucha. While I don’t remember the exact total, I do remember thinking it was a pretty good deal for a tasty dinner for two. I was especially grateful to have a nearby dinner option on a night where cooking dinner wasn’t an option. It did take a little too long for the person behind the counter to slice some of the meat we ordered, but to her credit, she was clearly trying to do a new job really well. I had also hoped to grab some of their ice cream (I had heard good things), but they were out.

    I spoke to one of the owners for a bit, and she said they had underestimated how much inventory they would need to fill up the space and were planning on buying more on round two. She mentioned a few other kinks they were trying to work through, and that her upcoming pregnancy was a deadline they were trying to work around.

    Overall, I was willing to overlook the kinks, since they had only been open a week. I walked out looking forward to seeing where they would be in the fall. Personally, I’d love to see them consolidate the retail space, expand their deli and sandwich (and dessert?) options, and put in some tables (basically what Pleasant Pops is like). I think someone mentioned to me they were applying for a liquor license, so maybe they are headed in that direction.

    I’m probably never going to regularly go in to pick up basic groceries, since I can get most of them cheaper at Bestworld (which, am I right in saying, is also a locally owned business?), but I could definitely see myself stopping in for a sandwich and picking up a few odds and ends on the way out.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    I love Each Peach! It’s so convenient to step off the 42 bus and grab my evening provisions there, both of the everyday and one-off varieties. Mt Pleasant residents don’t realize how lucky they are to have such a gem of a market on their local strip! I honestly don’t find their prices any more expensive than Yes Market and their produce is much fresher. I picked up these delightful green heirloom tomatoes the other day and they bursted with summery flavor. I had them out on my kitchen counter and they lasted a long while before I gobbled them all up!

    My favorite picks: the duck prosciutto (ADDICTING!), amazing sandwiches, great cheese selection (goat gouda so yummy!), salted oatmeal cookies by Whisk!, fresh local ice cream, herb-infused salts, and crunchy, fresh baguettes. I pick up a whoopie pie as my little snack for the trip home but it rarely makes it past the corner of Irving and Mt P street before I inhale it.

    I really enjoy making it a part of my evening routine to drop by and pick up a few items for the evening’s supper. The staff are so super helpful and friendly. I highly recommend the place!

  • JB

    I’ve been there 3 times and love the locally made kimchi and sauerkraut as well as the ice cream. Had ‘The Dude’ sandwich which was delicious, as was the kale salad. I wish they had more prepared foods like their hummus and kale salad.

    I didn’t care for the local kombucha, it was too sweet compared to other brands I’ve had. Have not purchased produce there as it does not look ,much better than what is available at Giant or Safeway.

    I hope they choose to add more food items rather filling the space up with any seating. It would be great if they are able to get a liquor license and offer affordable wines not sold elsewhere in the neighborhood. I’m really hoping they survive and thrive.

  • David

    I also found it to be a bit more expensive then I was expecting. I was just dropping by to check stuff out, and was a bit put off by the prices. I decided since I popped in, I’d buy something – picked up a Kombucha, and had to ask how much they were. Upon finding out that it was going to be $.85 more then they sold them for at Pleasant Pops, I decided instead that the Kombucha I had made myself that was cold in my fridge was the better choice, and I put it back. I’ll be interested in seeing how they adapt – but if prices stay were they are, I won’t be a regular. But I’m glad that the choice has come to the neighborhood.

  • Katie

    After watching the video that the owners made to promote their Kickstarter campaign, I was expecting something a little different than what Each Peach seems to be. There was mention of meal ideas/meal kits, and I thought that sounded great. Who wouldn’t want a meal idea plus all of the ingredients to make that meal gathered together…no thinking, no forgetting anything, etc? I didn’t see any evidence of this on my two visits into the store. If they started doing this, and it was resonantly priced…$25-$35…less than take out…I would make it a stop on my way home after a busy day.

    I think in order to survive, Each Peach will have to make themselves stand out and do something different to convince someone to visits their market instead of Safeway or Bestworld (both right off the 42 bus line as well.) Show us what makes you special and indispensable, Each Peach! If it’s your sandwiches, hummus, ice cream…whatever…give out some samples.

    The fact that one of the first items you see on the shelves is a $6 box of Kashi cereal makes you believe that everything in the store is crazy expensive, which some commenters above have pointed out isn’t the case for particular items.

  • Ellen

    I have had great experiences at Each Peach. The staff are friendly and attentive, and the sandwiches are delicious! The Whisked cookies, Frenchies croissants, and the Panorama bread are all delicious. With regard to sparseness my understanding is they are still in the “soft opening” phase and building up their inventory and soliciting requests.

  • chris. Also in MtP.

    Good bacon. Nice Sopressata. I have hope. That said, you really should have a plan when you open. Empty shelves are disconcerting. The Exemplars that EPM should follow: Zingerman’s Deli & Red Apron Butcher.

  • Anonymous

    Geeze, PoP, why not give the place a little time to get its footing before you post some whiney reader mail which then opens up the usual whiney comments? I’m not associated with the store or its owners but it would be great if you made an effort speak with the owners about the complaint and ask for their feedback rather than passively subjecting a new business to an online b_tch session.

    • textdoc

      Sheesh. I think most of the comments are actually pretty positive. The owners can read this thread and respond within it if they wish.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I really had no interest in checking it out, but after reading a number of positive comments here I’m intrigued. This is FAR from a bitch session, especially by popville standards…

  • cookie

    Went there, not impressed. I had the same experience as others where the owner seemed too busy to answer questions and when she did, she didn’t know her stuff. For example she said their peaches were local and organic. As I am into what’s local and available, I know there is no such thing as a good local organic peach. When I said it way not possible it was organic, she back tracked and said” Um…well they are form Toigo and they used sustainable methods.” Um, Toigo is not sustainable nor do they practice IPM, so please don’t insult your uppity educated customers by claiming your food is grown in a certain way when it’s not. Please just be honest about what you are selling and build a clientele that trusts you when they ask a question. Some folks have chemical allergies and can’t eat pesticide laden food without a trip to the hospital. If you tell them something is certified organic, please make sure you know with certainty it is.

    • Anonymous

      OMG! This is OUTRAGEOUS! In this day and age! WOW!1!11 I’d so love to hangout with you Kooky – sorry Cookie.

      • Anonymous

        So you’re mocking the poster above just because they are calling the owner out for lying? Local/organic preferences aside, you simply don’t lie to your costumers (or people in general, for that matter).

        • Anonymous

          No I’m mocking the poster for his/her pejorative/slanted comments – such as: “the owner seemed too busy” (many business owners are quite busy and often – god forbid – on the phone), the owner “didn’t know her stuff” (but the poster is an anonymous expert), while “I know there is no such thing as a good local organic peach (I agree, all peaches are evil)”, “don’t insult” (was she or was that just the poster’s defensive nature?), “uppity customers” (wow!), “please just be honest” (so your calling someone a liar not just mis/ill-informed?)

          So @Anonymous 10:14 am did the owner intentional provide misinformation (lie) or was she just wrong (misspoke, was mis/ill-informed)? Do you know?

          I ask because, like everyone else here I’m an anonymous expert.


  • I haven’t been there yet, but after reading these posts I think I’ll stop in tonight for some hummus and a baguette since I have to drop off some library books anyway. Probably two containers of hummus since I basically chug it…..

  • 16th and Park

    I’ve been in three or four times and am very happy that it’s in the neighborhood. Overall, I’ve been pleased with the quality of the produce (I’ve purchased peaches, swiss chard, tomatoes, eggplant, garlic, herbs, squash) but, like others, I’ve found the pickings to be disappointingly thin depending on the day and time.

    Their pricing is all over the place. Herbs are an example of what they do well: I love that they sell impeccably fresh herbs in small, inexpensive bunches, as opposed to whole foods, etc. where you pay twice as much and half of the bunch dries out/turns black before you can use it. Olives, bread, produce, and milk are, in general, in line with what I’d expect at a farmers’ market or whole foods–not a bargain, but worth it for the convenience and quality. But I was pretty unhappy that they’re charging $5/dozen for eggs that aren’t local or humane certified, and their Trickling Springs ice cream pricing is way more than you pay at Union Market. And, as an earlier poster pointed out, the $6 Kashi next to the entrance is obscene and gives the impression that everything in the store is overpriced.

    If they doubled the available produce and adjusted some pricing and sourcing issues, I could see Each Peach becoming a default shopping option for a lot of people in Mt. P. Otherwise, while I like the idea of it, I can’t really see continuing to stop in more than twice a month.

    • This seems exactly right to me.


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