Genius! “comprehensive map depicting the closest (free/public) restroom to each DC Metro station”

bathroom map
click here for interactive map by Michael & Sons.

“Dear PoPville,

If you’ve been stuck on the metro during SafeTrack longer than anticipated, you know what it’s like to hold your bladder during transit. No one should have to suffer through that!

Introducing… A Guide to DC Metro Restrooms

The team at Michael and Son put together this enormously detailed map depicting the closest free restroom to each station in the DC metro system.”

DC Metro restrooms are hard to find. If you’ve ever gone searching for a toilet while on your daily commute, you may have found it to be inaccessible or entirely nonexistent. But, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go!

Avoid bathroom-related mishaps with this comprehensive map depicting the closest restroom of each DC Metro station.

Happy flushing!


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  • One of the nice things they did on the Silver Line is to put public restrooms in every station. I hope they remodel existing stations to do the same but I doubt it.

  • Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you, Michael & Son!

  • I clicked on metro center to give this a shot and they only give one location. there’s also macy’s (top floor by the kids clothing department) and starbucks as well. some starbucks you have to ask for a code, but that has never been a problem for me

  • I’m pretty sure that all Metro stations have a public restroom. You have to ask the station manager to be allowed in, which is a bit of a pain.

    • This is true however good luck in the station manager not telling you that the restroom is “out of order”.

    • If you have to ask a station manager for the location of the restroom and for permission to use it, is it really a bona fide “public” restroom, I wonder?????

      • Yes, it is still available to the public, it just means that the bathroom you will use has a lesser chance of being lived in by someone and probably has less urine on the floor. Still free, still public, just ask the question.

  • George Costanza’s iToilet app now exists!

  • Metro employees will lie and tell you that the restroom is closed or out of order, but they are legally obligated to allow you to use their restroom if you have an “emergency” or if the person who needs the restroom is a child.

  • This is almost as good as their Super Bowl ads.

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