• SW Serendipity

    This is actually part of the Wharf PUD, and several of the senior executives at PN Hoffman purchased condos there. I believe Hoffman is doing another with the Riverside Baptist Church on the corner of 7th and Maine SW. Westminster at Fourth and I St. Matthews on M Street SW also have projects planned but with other partners.

    • saf

      Riverside’s is not quite the same – the residential building and the church are separated.

  • crispy

    I toured this place a few months ago. I believe they are about 85 percent sold out. Some of the top units are going for over a million.

    I do really like the way it looks, especially the park space they are developing between the building and the water. It’d be kinda weird living in the same building as a church. But perhaps that deters crime?

    • MadMax

      “perhaps that deters the crime?”
      I think you think too highly of our city’s youth.

      • andy2

        And the mystical powers of a man in a dress!

  • MadMax

    Of all the amenities listed for a new building I don’t think I’ve ever seen a church included before.

    • Planner

      Agreed. The closest I have seen is a mall outside Phillly which has a church in it. (Next to Legoland.)

  • Wendy Testaburger

    It’s actually becoming pretty common for DC churches to agree to sell a portion of their land to a developer in exchange for a new church building. A lot of churches have valuable land in up-and-coming neighborhoods with old buildings. They sell to a developer who will subdivide the land, build them a new church and use the rest of the land for new construction (and underground parking that the church can also use).

    There is so much construction left to go at the Wharf; what’s opening up later this year is only Phase 1. There is a new office building going up behind 525 Water, so some of the condo units will be losing their waterfront views, which sucks.


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