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Armand’s Closed Permanently on Capitol Hill near Union Station

by Prince Of Petworth March 7, 2017 at 10:10 am 20 Comments

226 Massachusetts Avenue, NE

Update: End of an era. Thanks to a commenter for finding on their website:

“We are sorry but our CAPITOL HILL location is permanently closed. For great Armands Pizza please see our other locations.”

Only a matter of time? Thanks to Justin for sending: “Small sign says “for renovations”. This is Armand’s only remaining DC location after Tenleytown closed back in 2012. Capitol Hill is still listed on their website so we’ll see if the renovation is for real. Armand’s is located next door to Bagels & Baguettes which closed last February for a major building renovation. Still not clear if and where they will be returning.

  • Michael Pierce

    I used to LOVE Armand’s, but the quality had really slipped at the Tenleytown location before it closed. I’m not sure I’ll be too surprised if this location doesn’t come back.

  • AJSE
  • spookiness

    Chicago pizza is an abomination. Good riddance.

    • MadMax

      Their pizza was so far from Chicago style it’s a wonder they were never sued by the city for libel.

      • Michael Pierce

        Yeah, they had a slightly similar crust recipe, but that was the only similarity to the real thing.

  • Garth Algar

    i didn’t even know there was one on capitol hill! i thought the tenley armand’s was the last DC one when it closed. if im not mistaken, the one off of georgia ave in silver spring is the only location still run by the original founders.

  • Anon Imus

    When I lived .7 miles away from them they refused to deliver to my house so I have no sympathy for the owners.

  • dcd

    “For great Armands Pizza please see our other locations[, and also get a time machine.]”
    Snark aside, Armands was THE place to go after softball games on the Mall in the 90s.

  • d

    Only ate there once, but it was memorable because Obama was there. This was back when he was a senator and didn’t have secret service detail.

  • Rich

    Even for DC pizza, I’m surprised they’re still in business.

  • Angry Parakeet

    To add to “end of an era:” The office space above was the new little Heritage Foundation’s first office presence.

  • Eric

    I just miss Bagels and Baguettes. Loved that place for more than 10 years. Sigh.

    • MadMax

      +1, great spot.

    • LNontheHill

      +1000 re Bagels & Baguettes (And, though we order pizza super rarely–like, once a year–when we ordered, it was from Armand’s. It’s a damn shame.)

  • Vicar

    I wish I could get the recipe. I lived for Armands for years, 99% in VA. I used to live near their carryout only (Fort Meyer) and ate regularly when I went to NoVa Community College off Rt. 7. The loss of that all you could stuff in your face pizza bar, with the spinach and garlic monstrosity, was the end for me years ago. The quality did slip as it seemed employees or owners changed as this place death-spiraled while people inexplicably paid more for pizzahut. These thick but not greasy pizzas were amazing, and the slightly sweet red sauce was generously applied. Sad but I wasn’t going to this location.

  • brookland_rez

    No! They had the best lunch buffet. I knew their days were numbered. The last few times I’ve been in, customer traffic was minimal.

  • Barry Clompus

    Why didn’t you mention Golden Bull and Grand Café in Gaithersburg in your Closings section? It closed suddenly without any warning. It was one of the few remaining restaurants in the area which served prime rib and hosted well-loved holiday buffets.


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