Sweeter Hue Bakery coming to Truxton Circle above Wicked Bloom

by Prince Of Petworth March 7, 2017 at 10:40 am 8 Comments

florida and north cap
1540 North Capitol Street, NW at Florida Ave

Thanks to Truxton Circle, DC for tweeting us word:

“I just heard #TruxtonCircle has a new bakery in the works: @SweeterHue, right above @wickedbloom1540. Not open to the public yet @PoPville”

Sweeter Hue’s Facebook says:

“A bakery located in Washington,D.C. proudly serving both sweet and savory baked items that taste unlike any other!”

Stay tuned.

  • kapitolhill

    Their Twitter page has talked about it for a while…

  • hungeegirl

    I know they are totally different, but i hope this doesn’t spell the end for Catania Bakery

    • hungeegirl

      (being open to the public, that is. i know most of their business is commercial but i like going there on saturday mornings…)

      • Truxton Thomas

        Catania on Saturday mornings seems more like a neighborhood service than a profitable enterprise. I would think Catania will continue to keep it going as long as they have the strength.

      • tim

        Going to Catania on Saturday morning is really one of my favorite life pleasures. Grab a coffee, a few pain au chocolat, and spend a few minutes chatting with the owners and locals – it is one of DC’s best kept secrets.

  • Lion of LeDroit

    In a related note, the “Truxton” sign on the new development next to Wicked Bloom is poorly conceived and placed. It should either be set on the corner so that it doesn’t align directly next to two of the windows (and is visible from a greater number of viewpoints), or (better yet) be replaced with a three-sided sign so that the “Truxton” name is visible for someone approaching the building from the front. It doesn’t look fantastic as currently conceived, at least when viewed head on.

    • neighbor

      Totally agree. It’s bugged me ever since it went up. No decent architect would have designed that placement.

  • ryan2499

    Is Wicked Bloom still open? I drive thru there every day around 5:45 and never see it open even though their website says they open at 5. Just curious if I missed a closing announcement.


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