18 Year Old Julip, Renamed Tootie, Adopted!!

by Prince Of Petworth — March 22, 2017 at 10:00 am 60 Comments

via Humane Rescue Alliance

Great news from the Humane Rescue Alliance (thanks to all who sent messages!):

“Wayne, who lost his 11-year-old pit bull in December, saw Julep’s story and arrived at HRA’s Oglethorpe Street adoption center as soon as the doors opened, to meet her.”

  • Egad


  • FridayGirl

    Wayne is my hero. What an awesome pair.

  • jenster8dc

    BEST NEWS. Hurray!

  • anonymous

    Hooray!! I thought, with all the publicity she was getting here and elsewhere, someone would adopt this special girl. So glad she has a new home- somewhere safe to lay her head. Great news!

  • L

    ALL OF THE HAPPY TEARS!!! Look at her smile! What a good girl.

  • Yayyyyy!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Looks like a match made in Heaven! Yay Wayne.

  • Not gonna lie…I cried happy tears watching the WUSA9 interview with him. So glad this doggy gets to live out her remaining years with this caring man.

  • ajr

    They both look so happy! Oh I love this! Hooray for Wayne & Julep!

  • Anon

    From the Humane Rescue Alliance page: “UPDATE: He has renamed her Tootie, after his grandmother. How sweet!”

    No, you’re crying!

    • AA

      Thanks for adding this detail! I figured there had to be meaning in changing her name – that’s so sweet!

    • Duponter

      Important detail. I was kinda bummed he changed her name at 18 years old. But that’s sweet.

      • houseintherear

        I read something about this many years ago that stuck with me. Apparently dogs can recognize their name, nicknames, and pack/group names (“you guys,” “my babies,” etc). And if their name is changed by a new pack leader (human), they recognize it as a change of leadership and not a loss of identity.

        • MadMax

          Interesting. I was wondering why change the name of an animal that’s been responding to a certain name for 18 years as well. Hopefully that factoid is actually true, for however long it’s actually relevant. Regardless, good on this guy for having a big heart.

        • iwdc

          I just read about it and it’s fascinating! Apparently a lot of times, shelters encourage you change the dog’s name if it comes from an abusive environment (because it likely has negative associations with it). Certainly not implying that that’s the situation here, but the point is that to the dog it’s never their “name” or identity in the way we think of it.

          • cre

            Very interesting! Do you have a source with more information on this you can point me to?

          • Dogs don’t care what you call them, so long as you call them! (Like the old “dad” joke – I don’t care what you call me, just don’t call me late for dinner.”)

          • iwdc

            @cre: It’s hard to find something that feels 100% “authoritative” since a lot of the info was from various shelters, vets, and dog experts’ websites, but this was a good summary: http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/09/living/change-dogs-name-mnn/

        • Emmaleigh504

          fascinating. and makes me feel better about him changing her name.

      • Contessa of Cleveland Park

        Ju’-lip and Too’-tie have the same vowel sound and the same stress on the first syllable, which ought to make it easier for this nice pup to adjust. She looks pretty happy already. Thank you, Wayne, and PoPville community.

  • Spc

    After an hour or so on the internet, reading the depressing news, I just found this. Made a grown man cry happy tears at work, well done popville…I am shutting down now, end on a happy note – Wayne wins the Internet today!!!

  • JH

    best news ever 🙂

  • Anon

    I am SO happy she was adopted! Although not gonna lie, I am a touch sad that after 18 years, she can’t keep her same name. Regardless, awesome outcome! Yay Tootie!

  • John

    That’s awesome Wayne!!! I can’t help but feel you two are a perfect match. May you bring each other loads of love and comfort. Reading this story made my entire week!!

  • MPinDC

    Wonderful news!

  • Tall E

    What a happy ending! Thanks for the update.

  • Woodridge


  • MoldieOldie

    LOVE THIS!!!

  • eggs


    • MoldieOldie


      • M.

        You’re not alone! Best Popville post. Ever.

  • Anon NS

    Wayne! Bless you, sir. And she looks so happy. Makes my day.

  • SinSA

    Literally teared up. I LOVE when a story ends happily! Congratulations to Wayne and Tootie/Julep!

  • NW Mom

    Wayne, you are the best! Enjoy your new home, Julep/Tootie!

  • northeazy

    Is it OK to rename an 18 yr old dog? I imagine it must be confusing for the dog, no?

    • No.

      • To be clear – that was a no to the question of being “confusing”. Dogs don’t care what you call them. Seriously. Call most dogs any name in a happy voice with a welcoming posture and they will run to your arms. Abused, scared, lost dogs are of course more complicated. But for this old girl – just happy to have a home – name does not matter.

  • Anon

    This made me smile in the midst of a very bad day. Never stop posting animal news PoP.

  • crispy

    People who adopt senior dogs are heroes in my mind.

  • cre

    best news ever!

  • PetworthGuy

    Couldn’t be happier for you two. what a good guy.

  • Shawn_USt

    So happy!

  • anon

    LOVE!!! So happy for Tootie and for her wonderful new dad! Thank you for posting this excellent update. So glad to see some good news!

  • ET


  • enough with the dog news already, PoP! (end sarcasm)

  • Seriously – in the mire of crap news we’re in, this is the brightest of brightness. This is like riding a unicorn to a rainbow made of butterflies and finding a potful of kittens at the end. Also soup. And Martinis.

    • FridayGirl

      + a million

    • L

      lol, I love that you said “soup.” I love soup and my husband hates it. I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

      • Funny, my partner also – not exactly “hates” soup, but doesn’t see the point of it. Or any hot beverage, because you just have to sit there and wait for it to cool down enough to eat or drink it.

  • And another reminder – since a thousand people are going to read and delight in this post – please make arrangements- today – for your pets in case of unexpected events preventing you from caring for them.

  • ParkViewneighbor

    Good deed. I hope karma remembers that

  • ANC

    Geez, PoP. Soooo self serving to write that original post about Julep. Some of us don’t even like animals! (/s)

  • JMo

    This made my whole week, I am so happy for both of them!!!

  • LNontheHill

    Yay! I know Wayne, and I’m totally unsurprised–he’s gone out of his way to rescue me from a jam or two, and he’s delightfully generous. I’m sure he’ll take the most wonderful care of his new companion and that they will get along fabulously. Tootie could not have found a better new home.

  • [email protected]

    Thank you Wayne!!

  • Vicki A Lancaster

    What a handsome couple!!

  • llsnrnnls

    no YOU’RE crying

  • EPinDC

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful new! Tootie is. a complete cutie and Wayne’s obviously a great guy.

  • sasindc

    I need to visit this page more often. I went almost a day not knowing Julip got a new home. Happy Puppy Day! Thanks to PoPville for prompting her story.

  • DE

    So happy. I had missed this and went back looking to see what had become of this nice old doggie. Thank you, Mr. Wayne. Best of health and happiness to you both.


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