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Suzanne writes: “Looks like she is still there and if someone is interested, they can call the adoptions department at the Oglethorpe location at (202) 726 – 2556” and passes on from Susie’s Senior Dogs:

WASHINGTON, DC: Holy moly! 18 year old Julep (born in 1999!) is the oldest homeless shelter dog posted on SSD to date. Yes, you read that right. This super-senior gal was taken in by the shelter at 18 years old when her former owner passed away. Need we say more? PLEASE SHARE!

Humane Rescue Alliance wrote, “Julep has been here longer than we expected – she came in on February 23rd. She’s 18 years old and had lived in the same home for her whole life. Julep came to HRA when her owner passed away. She’s pretty cheery, and has lots of energy for her age, but I’d really love to get her in a home ASAP. She is obviously not very comfortable here and we’d love to get her to her forever home as soon as possible.

Julep doesn’t need much – just a lot of love and someone who wants a quiet companion. She would have to be the only dog in the home because at her age, she doesn’t have the tolerance for too much dog energy. She would love a great big dog bed to sprawl out on and toys to chew on. You don’t have to give her too much exercise and she is already pretty well-trained!

Senior dogs like Julep are truly special and have a unique type of love to give. And Julep can’t wait to show you!”

To adopt Julep, please email Alix at [email protected].org.

Humane Rescue Alliance is located at 71 Oglethorpe Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

Adoption hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 12 noon to 7PM.“


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