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Wet Dog Tavern Now Open across from 9:30 Club

by Prince Of Petworth February 2, 2017 at 10:10 am 52 Comments

wet dog
2100 Vermont Ave, NW at V Street

From an email (owner/partner or at least a very good friend of the family…):

Wet Dog Tavern located across from the The Satellite Room and just north of U st corridor on Vermont has finally opened it’s doors to the public.”

  • Michael Pierce

    You better hope Sietsema shows up on a quiet night, or else you’ll get zero stars, even if the burger is indeed the best in DC :-)

    • Anon

      Sietsema won’t be going out of his way to come here, don’t you worry.

  • washington20009

    “(Constandinos Economides, ladies he is single).”


    • Chucky Finster

      You must not know any Greek mothers. Totally normal.

      • FridayGirl


    • jaybird

      And desperate.

    • MadMax

      So hetero-normative of them.

      • Anon

        Awkward Aardvark rears his head

      • Anon Spock

        If he’s straight, why would you adviser him to men?

        • Anon Spock

          Advertise…damn autocorrect

  • ST21

    Sooooo they do or don’t have food currently?

    • KellyKapowski

      LOL yeah the way I read this it’s just like a guy on the patio cooking burgers? I mean I’m kind of down with that.

      • ST21

        Same. Always in for a random dude flipping burgers on the grill.

        • JS

          I went last night. It’s pretty much as described. They have beer and booze inside (I think they’re still building out the menu, as it’s pretty limited right now and there are 3-4 unused taps), and the guy outside makes burgers. It’s technically a separate business, so you need to go outside and pay him directly (he does take cards) and he’ll bring in your burger and homemade chips when they’re ready.

          The guy outside said his hope is to expand the menu once we get into beer garden season and probably hook into Uber Eats to keep money coming in even when it’s slow at the bar.

          The owner of the bar itself indicated that eventually he’d like to build out the second floor and add a roof deck, but that was probably a year down the road. He also has zero interest in running a kitchen, which is why they made an agreement with the outdoor cook.

          The burger was quite good and the bar itself is nice — there’s just very little seating and I could see it getting over run very quickly. They’re going to truly make their money during the warmer months when that back beer garden area is in full swing.

          Also, while the press release makes it sound like dogs are welcome in all outdoor spaces, it sounded like they currently intend to limit that to the grass in the gated in area out front, not the paved beer garden area. Not sure if that’s just a misunderstanding though.

          • ST21

            Thanks for the feedback- Solid intel right there. I saw a picture recently of the place but didn’t see any TV’s? Is that accurate? I found that a little odd since they originally dubbed themselves like a hybrid sports bar/ bar garden/ dog friendly. Mees confused is basically what I’m getting at. Love the look of the build-out inside though, and I think the exterior is really charming.

          • JS

            There are at least 3 tv’s — one on each end of the bar, and another on the right side wall. There may have been another that I just didn’t take note of — but they had on the Caps game, basketball and some local TV. They were playing music, not the audio from any of the games, but I assume they would be willing to change that for a big group.

  • Apollo

    Is it dog friendly?

  • deejay

    If it hadn’t been for the odd “ladies, he is single” comment, I probably wouldn’t have paid any attention. I decided to check out Constandinos Economides’ Facebook page to see what that was all about. Sadly, I see he is a Trump supporter. He attended one of the Inauguration balls (Faith, Freedom, and Future Inaugural Ball), and he posted a pic of himself having a drink inside the Trump Hotel on Inauguration Day. In any other election cycle, belonging to or supporting one political party or candidate normally would not cause me to avoid your business. This year is very different though. You support Trump? I don’t support you.

    • Anon

      Oopsies… guess I’ll have to actively avoid this place. Won’t be hard to do with all the other options on U street.

      • Bryan

        I don’t give a hoot who he supports. Like Taylors, he is most likely a small business owner and trying to make sure he does well. If he believes that lies with Trump, fine. I care more if the food sucks, if he pays his workers fairly, and if he himself is a good person.

        • Anon

          That’s cool – do you.

        • Tsar of Truxton

          Normally, I would agree with you. I typically don’t care if an owner is a Republican or religious or whatever, but Trump is just different. He is a maniac, and anyone who is looking passed what he says and how he acts strictly for financial gain, doesn’t deserve my patronage.

        • Anonymous

          To echo what Tsar just said, I would normally agree with you as well, but normal rules don’t apply regarding Trump. (That’s his policy not mine, by the way.) (And it’s an amazing policy, by the way. Did you know that? Really great. A lot of people are saying that.) (Yes, I was making fun of Trump just there.)

        • David

          The article doesn’t say he’s the owner, just that he did the woodwork.

    • FridayGirl

      Ugh, that kind of sucks.

    • Anonymous

      ….now we know why he is single.
      One of my good friends posted a hilarious meme on her Facebook two weeks ago: “Ladies, don’t bang guys who didn’t march with us this weekend.”
      Seems like a good rule to avoid scummy guys. Ain’t no one got time for that.

      • Anon

        Hahaha, that would be incredibly awesome if that catches on across the country. Who’s down to start this campaign?

        • skj84

          Lysistratra rule? I’m here for that!

          • LittleBluePenguin

            ha! YES!

    • Michael Pierce

      Security’s gonna make a mess of the area when Steve Bannon wants to have a drink on the patio with his dog (who just happens to be the president).

      • MadMax

        Lap dog, meet wet dog.

    • TX2DC

      Gross. Pass.

    • CE

      Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking about giving this place a try until I saw your comment!

    • Mike

      Boycotting this bar is really going to make a difference in your holy war against trump.

      Get over yourself.

      • ST21

        +1. I just don’t get some of these faux protests that have no substance. For instance, the “F TAYLOR GOURMET!!” folks. Uhh why? Do you know exactly what went on in that small business owners meeting? Do you know what was discussed? Were you present? Oh, you weren’t? Word. Get off your soapbox and stop jumping to these extreme conclusions based off of 1 group photo. I saw Amy Schumer put an instagram up the other day telling all her followers to delete the Uber app because they kept picking people up from airports after cabbies boycotted going to airports. Give me a break. You want to protest people just trying to do their jobs? What else are they supposed to do?

        That being said, I understand people have the right to choose why they will or will not support a business. If you despise something to the point where you cannot stand to be in the presence of someone or something that opposes your view, then fine. That’s your prerogative. The people who somewhat irritate me are the ones who act like this type of “protest” matters. The ones who think their facebook status or instagram of them holding a sign makes any difference at all.

        I can get behind some protests if it’s productive at it’s core. The Women’s March served a purpose and I fully support what 75% of the activists were protesting. I think some of them lost perspective and went off the rails a little (looking at you Madonna and Ashley Judd.. Michael Moore too for that matter but he’s a complete clown) but for the most part that march was effective and well executed. I applaud it. It’s some of these other “protests” I take issue with that lack substance or purpose.

        • Anon

          Thank you for sharing.

    • MadMax

      His cousin (or sister, I’m guessing) used to be a cocktail waitress at one of those K Street type bars back in my single days, she was always very nice (nicer than the typical smile because I want tip money nice), but no idea about their political leanings.

      • Michael Pierce


    • mjh351

      This comment is:
      a) why people outside of DC hate DC
      b) why someone like Trump is now POTUS

  • Meese is a Pig!

    Mmmmm….’wet dog’. Hope the (eventual) food matches the smell. Really makes your mouth water just imagining it….

    • Brooklyn Brawler

      Thought the same thing. Horrible name.

  • Anonymous

    Also, the Economides family is pretty well known in DC as developers who usually try to skirt DCRA regulations. They own a number of buildings. They even sued DCRA and lost after tearing down a house to do a new build with a “renovation and expansion” permit.
    I totally understand why they would be ardent #MAGA types.

    • jaybird

      But they’re 4 generations deep. In established Greekness.

      • Anonymous

        “…the Economides family, one of DCs most established greek families now 4 generations deep.”
        Even if true, this is such a Trump’ian claim. I bet they even say it in person with earnestness. Hucksters typically have zero self awareness.

        • MadMax

          Everyone is saying they are the deepest Greeks in DC.

    • ST21

      Ok, but let’s be honest- DCRA regulations are an absolute nightmare for almost everyone… This blog and commenters in particular often poke fun at the backwards DCRA regulations. I don’t know anything about this “greek family” so I can’t comment on what you are referring to but let’s not act like the DCRA is the holy bible all of the sudden.

  • When they go low, we go high

    As a close family friend to the Economides, i’m saddened to read all the mean and hateful comments by people who neither know the family nor have visited the bar. If you did know the Economides, you would know that they are some of the most generous, inclusive, and welcoming people in this city. While they may hold political leaning different than myself and/or their friends, they are never ones to show disrespect or push their agenda on others.

    As for the bar, if you haven’t checked it out, please do before forming an opinion instead of listening to someone else’s alternative facts listed here. The space really is quite well done and the burgers are freaking delicious.

    I’d also ask that we remember that tearing people/families down on the internet makes you a troll and equal if not worse than the “close-minded” republicans you claim to have issues with because you at least in theory should know better.

    • west_egg

      In the way an article in the Post isn’t “fake news” just because you don’t like what they have to say, someone being a big ‘ol meanie on the interwebs does not meet the definition of “troll.”
      Carry on.

      • Brooklyn Brawler


    • Blithe

      I’d ask you to remember that someone supporting misogyny, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and devastating changes in public education and healthcare for others, is supporting some extremely mean and hateful things that will impact a lot of people, even if your personal experience of them is that they are generous, inclusive, and welcoming. I’m not going to get into the boycott, or how delicious the burgers might be, or how nice it is that they’re offering a welcoming place for dogs. I just want to point out that even if you are describing people who would not, in your view, “push their agenda on others”, by supporting Trump, and all that he stands for, they have, indeed, pushed their agenda on others — an agenda that will have a devastatingly painful impact on many — even if you’d like to dismissively minimize it as a “different political leaning”.

    • Accountering

      I particularly like the ignorance of someone who seems relatively intelligent (you) trying to posit that liberals tearing down Trump and his supporters for their/his racist, sexist, disgusting views, is equal/worse to having those same racist, sexist, disgusting views. It is not even close. It is a ridiculous false equivalency, and simply untrue.


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