Prayer Breakfast Road Closures

by Prince Of Petworth February 2, 2017 at 9:45 am 27 Comments

Photo by nevermindtheend

@PoPville on twitter was lit up with reports of road closures this morning. Nevermindtheend sends these photos and writes: “I’ve never seen them block so many streets for the Prayer Breakfast before – Columbia Road was blocked from Connecticut Avenue up to Wyoming Avenue.”

Connecticut and Columbia Road, NW. Photo by nevermindtheend

  • wdc

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could get everyone on the sidewalks to turn their backs as the motorcade goes past? That’s the sort of thing that would really get under the donald’s skin.

  • anon&confused

    Evangelicals: screwing things up for the rest of us since the 1950s!

  • above7-11

    And the prayed for Arnold to have better ratings on the Apprentice! Welcome to MAGA.

    • bll

      my god, I know! Arnold’s response was great, and I never thought the day would come where I’d say, ‘man, I wish Schwarzenegger was president right now.’

      • wdc

        Arnold’s big issue is environmental protection, isn’t it? If only one plank of the platform were anything remotely humane and forward-thinking, I’d cling to it so hard…

        • Ben

          Well that and the whole natural born citizenship requirement….

    • navyard

      gods! That is what that buffoon thought was important at a prayer breakfast? how about pray for all those civilians he just got killed in a raid that he approved? All details not in yet, so I won’t go any further on that, but FFS, there are other things happening in the world other than how a giant orange cheeto with tiny hands is doing in the ratings!

  • GreenThumb

    They were probably worried about lightning strikes.

  • wobber

    Id President Bannon attending?

  • AMDCer

    Glad to see there were some protesters out there – I thought about doing that a little too late.

  • Commentator

    From Variety:
    President Donald Trump took time during his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday morning to make fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Apprentice” ratings.
    “When I ran for president I had to leave the [“Apprentice”], Trump said. “And they hired a big, big movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger to take my place.”
    He continued, calling out producer Mark Burnett: “And we know how that turned out. The ratings went right now the tubes, it’s been a total disaster. And Mark [Burnett] will never, ever bet against Trump again.”
    This goes nicely with informing the leaders of Mexico and Australia about how large his inauguration crowd and how big his election win were.

    • navyard

      I don’t understand Trump’s take on this at all. Isn’t he still listed as a producer of the show?
      I never liked the apprentice to begin with, but now I make sure to turn it off if it comes on. And it’s not because of Arnold.

  • Blithe

    FFS. I STILL don’t understand how anyone with anything approaching traditional religious beliefs voted for DT. I hope his evident piety makes them particularly proud of themselves. (still scared, still seething)

    • loslobos

      Radical Evangelicas are all sorts of happy this morning. DT’s team issued a not-so-veiled threat to Iran. WWIII here we go, but fear not, Jebus will take care of it all

      • jaybird

        The new axis of evil will be Iran, China, and N Korea…

        • Blithe

          I have long been terrified by the possible threat posed by N Korea. My first thought when Trump got elected was about the dangerous instability that would likely erupt when Our Dear Leader had even the smallest interaction with Their Dear Leader. Sigh.

      • Blithe

        Great. So the future of our planet is being bigly impacted by factions that focus much more on rewards in the afterlife than survival in the here and now. That’s just ducky. :-/

    • AMDCer

      Seriously – I wanted the protesters to shout, “show me what Christianity looks like!”

  • mona

    What is prayer breakfast? Sorry I have been hiding from news and social media…

  • OP Anon

    This area was a traffic DISASTER this morning. I live in Adams Morgan and it usually take me 8 minutes to drive my Vespa to my office on K Street. It took over 30 minutes today. Car totally jammed on the one-ways in Kalorama. Totally insane. Spillover traffic affected 16th Street, 18th Street, Mass Ave, etc.
    All the buses that run down Columbia Road were stranded.
    It would have been better if the city announced the Prayer Breakfast ahead of time and told drivers to specifically avoid this intersection.

    • bean

      Agreed! Tons of traffic in Admo at ~9:15am. I was shocked at the traffic this morning and I bike! Granted, I didn’t realize this was going on. Now it makes sense. His prayers tho, not so much.

    • js

      yes, we left at 8:20, took us until 8:55 to get downtown to m street

    • AMDCer

      I live in the neighborhood, too, so I’m aware that it’s an annual event around this time and plan for it, but I’ve always been surprised it isn’t more widely announced since there is always a huge police/secret service presence for it.

    • sg7

      Agreed. Traffic today was a complete shitshow. I was on a 42 that got routed from Columbia down 18th. The bus driver had absolutely no idea what was happening, and we were at a standstill for a loooooooooong time. It took us literally 55 minutes to get from Ontario to right in front of Marie Reed. At that point, I got out and walked to Dupont. I was checking Popville, WTOP, Waze, Google Maps, everything I could to find out what was the problem and if there were any updates for road closures. It would have been nice to have some intel, or at least to give the bus drivers a heads-up.

    • 17thStreet

      Why was there nothing about road closures posted or announced as it was happening at least? It seemed like more roads were closed off than in the past. I sat on one of those buses, effectively stalled on 18th Street for almost half an hour, looked at all the dark red streets on Google maps and wondered how this kind of traffic standstill could happen (and if it was deliberate). Carrying a large box that would have been awkward but manageable on a bus commute, I finally got off and trudged down towards DuPont. Wrong day to decide to make a donation, apparently, and boy, was I in a sour mood when I got to work 45 minutes later than anticipated.

  • andrew

    It was an absolute SH_TSHOW yesterday morning in Admo/Kalorama. I was out at my usual bus stop at 7:00am, waiting until 7:40am before I sought alternative means of transportation. There are two L2 buses that are supposed to come between 7 and 7:40 and neither showed up. I called WMATA to see if there were detours happening and the lady told me she didn’t see any road closures, detours, or anything else reported. How can this possibly happen without WMATA being notified or bus drivers relaying info back to WMATA??? I was stranded at the bus stop with about 20 other ppl.


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