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  • Gumball

    pfft! I’m not one to call ANY baby anything other than precious, but you sir (or madame), are no BAO BAO!

  • You Street

    I wonder whose job it is to determine the gender? Ouch.

  • oldhouselover

    OMG. Is it just me or is this creature like 40% nose? Squeeeeeee!

  • dcd

    Man that thing is ugly.

  • topscallop

    And then Trump will tell it which bathroom it can use.

    • Sean

      I almost did an actual spit-take. Followed by an actual LOL. Promptly followed by a sad sigh.

      [Basically the last several months/next few years condensed into 10 seconds]

      • an_angry_asian_girl


  • kallie

    baby porcupines are so unexpectedly cute. i mean they are called porcupettes…come on internet…get. on. board.


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