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  • Michael Pierce

    With all the massive redevelopment down there, how has this place managed to avoid the wrecking ball?

  • SWChick

    I’m so happy I could cry. Awesome way to kick off my Birthday weekend!! Yay Southwest!!

    • Happy Birthday!

      • SWChick

        Thanks so much! I absolutely LOVE Popville. Thank you for keeping us posted on the daily inter-workings of DC. 🙂

  • MadMax

    Never been a fan of this place, maybe this will be the year they finally change my mind.

    • Michael Pierce

      So you don’t like it, but you go back on a regular basis to see if you were wrong the year before? You’re generous; I rarely ever give places like this a second try. But for the record, I love Cantina Marina.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I’ve enjoyed a pre-Arena stage lunch here (the fish tacos are good) and in the recent past they have hosted WARL / HRA dog adoption events. Would be fun to have a happy hour on a dog adoption day!


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