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Bardo’s Navy Yard Beer Garden Soft Opens near Nats Park

by Prince Of Petworth February 21, 2017 at 10:10 am 33 Comments

25 Potomac Ave, SE

Not a bad weekend for it! Thanks to a reader for sending the big Bardo news.


“750 seats. Beergarden. Brewery. Next to Nats stadium. On the river. The 2 acres at Bardo feature riverside seating outdoors, a designated dog park and hundreds of bicycle parking spaces.

After 5 years at our Trinidad location on Bladensburg Rd NE, we moved to Navy Yard.”

  • MadMax

    Is this whole thing an open off-leash “dog park” or are there at least some rules?

    • skj84

      It was off leash on Sunday, but I believe going forward that may not be the case? I think they are going to designate an area for dogs to run off leash.

    • SouthwestMonster

      There’s always one…

      • MadMax

        Pretty sure there’s more than one person in DC allergic to dogs.

        • skj84

          or not a fan of unleashed dogs coming up to them.

          • FridayGirl

            That would be me. And I love dogs. So I’m pretty sure there’s more than one of us.

          • LittleBluePenguin

            +1 – love dogs, but please, until I know them and they know me, keep them on a leash and control them….Not every person loves dogs and not every dog loves people

          • Herbie

            Bardo is not the place for you then. There is nothing wrong with that. That they are dog friendly with dogs running around is what they are famous for and why lots of people go there specifically.

          • MadMax

            And that’s completely fine (if that winds up being the case), and partly why I asked. I don’t go to the cat cafe for the same reason. Not every place needs to be for everybody, but it helps if it’s conveyed more accurately.

          • FridayGirl

            Agreed with MadMax.

    • A Mac

      It’s off leash until they can get materials to enclose a dog park. It should be happening sooner rather than later.

    • kanon

      There is literally a dog park right by the entrance.

      • anon

        yeah, but thats part of dock 79. there would be another issue if people left their dogs unattended in that dog park while they sit over there and drink beer.

    • NavyYahd

      They’re ‘soft opening’ now and not completely done with the fencing, but my understanding is that they will eventually have a fully fenced dog park area for off-leash dogs, while the main area will only allow leashed dogs.

      • MadMax

        Thanks for the info!

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Not sure I am a fan of this idea. People are going to put their dogs in the dog park and then go drink instead of monitoring their dog, which is a bad idea. Just keep the entire space open to leashed dogs. That will give them more capacity (not wasting space on a dog park). Also, I mean, it looks like the bar for opening an outdoor beer garden is going down. This place looks like they put zero effort in to creating a space.

        • PetlessInPetworth

          Ha – just what I was thinking. It’s literally just some extra narrow picnic tables. I mean – at least paint a handful of them or add some plant life or umbrellas…idk…even an extra $5K would make a big difference. I want a local business to succeed so I’m sure I’ll stop by at some point but would like to see a little more effort on their part!

  • northeazy

    I live by Bladensburg and went to Bardo a few times. The beer is fine and the atmosphere is fun. It is really low-end, which, again, is fine, especially for Bladensburg. The “salvaged” splinter planks they call benches are rustic and cute for a re-purposed used tirelot on Blandenburg, but c’mon guys, buy some new picnic tables for your new HQ near the Park, no?

    • skj84

      I think the post apocalyptic dystopia look is part of there charm. Especially being under the bridge by the Anacostia river.

    • Anon

      This “park” is only going to last while the developers who own the property work to attain the financing needed to build some large building. Soon as they get the cash needed to build, bye bye Bardo. Given this setup, I can’t imagine they’ll do anything other than the very bare minimum with the space.

      • Herbie

        It’s my understanding that they will remain there until the bridge next to it gets moved or rebuilt and at that point they would have to leave. That will take years so they aren’t going anywhere for a while.

        • Anon

          Interesting. If they are indeed waiting on the city to move/rebuild the bridge, then this may very well stick around for a while.

    • Anony

      Why would they buy new benches when they have wood to use from trees that were cut down on the lot? I for one liked that they used the wood and find the benches to be comfortable

  • siz

    i was there on sunday and it was awesome, but the off leashed dogs were a little concerning. not sure how i feel about it. i brought my dog, who is very well behaved and decided to let him off leash since everyone else was doing it. and it was fine, but…i dunno, you’re always going to have the person who decides to bring a dog that doesn’t play well in this environment/is too aggressive/etc (especially since there are a lot of little kids around and some dogs are skittish with them. i am always shocked by the folks who bring their small children right up to a dog and tell them to pet the doggie – this happened twice while i was there including one parent who *took their child’s hand and held it up to my dog’s mouth*). Hopefully the dog owners all have the good sense to only bring dogs who are very well trained and sociable. if you’re going to do it, i think i agree with the commenter who noted better to have the dogs with their owners than in a separate park area.
    also to hell with getting fancier seating! agree that like with the bladensburg bardo, the rustic quality is part of the charm.

  • siz

    oh and meant to add to that – i think they should be with their owners and leashed going forward.

  • AdmoDan

    What’s the over/under on them honoring their Indiegogo donations?

    • Andrew from Bardo

      paid out 4 pitchers and one t shirt this weekend. come by we’ll give you what you are owed

  • Andrew from Bardo

    You guys are pretty spot on. Yes, the area up by the entrance will be completely enclosed and used as an off leash dog area. Dogs will be permitted in other areas of the brewgarden only if they are on leash (leash rules will be waived until the last piece of fencing is installed in the dog park).

    There will also be a separate fenced in area at the east end of the riverfront seating with a sandbox designed to serve as a kids playground.

    The table tops, the bar, all partitions, awnings, sings, fence posts and totem poles are made from reclaimed wood. The wood was acquired from several tree companies who have been dumping logs (and mulch) on site for over a year. Bardo milled most of the wood into 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch thick boards which have been used in the construction of the brewgarden. An upcycle you could say.

    Additionally, the object across from the dog park is indeed a greenhouse. A local company is using it to grow seedlings for use in their rooftop farming.

    Thanks to all who came by to check it out last weekend. Everybody from the neighborhood was very welcoming.

  • CapitalDame

    I had a great time when I stopped by with my partner this weekend! Perfect place to bring some peel and eat shrimp from the wharf and buy a pitcher of beer to enjoy next to the water. Only qualm is that the beer was all pretty heavy, and as it gets warmer I probably will want something lighter to enjoy in the sun.

  • fj

    congrats. quite the saga, I wouldn’t have believed any agency in dc could be worse than DCRA, but ABRA might have them beat. ABRA insanity + ANC vigilantes + corporate bullying = small businesses lose. happy to hear you got your license, hope the lawyer’s hourly rate doesn’t cut too deep. sue ’em till they scream. see you by the river.

    • MadMax

      And yet DC’s commercial landscape is almost entirely “small business”. That’s why it’s noteworthy on this blog when a #$&%ing Chik-Fil-A or Target open.

  • Michael Pierce

    This looks awesome and I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time there before Nats games, but it’ll be brutal sitting out there in the sun in July and August. I’m hoping they put up some tents or at least umbrellas to provide a little shade and shelter from the afternoon storms that seem to happen frequently in the summer.

    • that guy

      they have about 10,000 sq ft under the bridge


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