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  • Anonymous

    “Gesture of good will”/basic business sense.

  • Brian Daly

    This is a ray of sunshine in my otherwise terrible week. So happy we’re going to have you in the neighborhood for at least two more years!

  • Anonymous

    This is an interesting development given the landlord’s statements in the previous post that they never wanted a bar in this space to begin with, were not going to renew A&D’s lease, and were in active negotiations with a tenant for the space. She created the impression that this place had been a good tenant but was no longer wanted in that space. It would be interesting to know what happened to change all of that.

    • Anon

      It’s hard to take the landlord’s note completely at face value. I’d guess they either didn’t have anything signed with a new tenant or perhaps that arrangement fell through for some other reason. So instead of searching for a new tenant, they decided to prolong A&D’s (presumably cheap) lease for another two years while major developers build out around them. Two years from now, they’ll be (likely) able to sign a far more lucrative lease than they might be able to do at this moment. The “as a gesture of good will” remark seems a bit too self-congratulatory for my liking.

  • Lisa

    Hi. Lisa the co-owner. I stand by every detail and sentiment previously expressed but have deferred to my kind husband and his good will towards Ali.

  • Vermonster

    This is awesome. I love A&D vow to drink there more often.


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