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  • OffTheAvenue

    Too sad…I can’t…

  • dcd

    It’s like a funeral procession. If the departed’s remains were transported via Fed Ex, that is. Will a signature be required, or will the crate be dumped off at the zoo? And to they have to worry about package thieves?

  • Raya

    FedEx has an outstanding animal shipping business. In the past, they’ve assigned the panda flights to pilots as a “reward” for good performance, so it’s a big deal to them. Bao’s keeper, Marty, is a very kind and nurturing guy, and he will be with her throughout. Yes, there will be adjustments for her, but Mei Xiang raises strong, confident cubs who are well prepared for life after NZP. She will have the opportunity to breed and raise cubs of her own. Mei has been an amazing mother to all of her offspring, so it’ll be exciting to hear how Bao Bao does when her time comes.

    Keepers and other zoo personnel periodically go to China, and check up on Tai Shan while they are there. No doubt they will do the same for Bao. Of course she will be greatly missed, but this is a species conservation program that has a great deal going for it.

  • Michael Pierce

    Bye Bao Bye Bao!


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