• gonzo

    are you sure it’s the wrong date? could be for a special event, say a big party for that day…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah this may have to do with inaugural balls at the convention center rather than the inauguration itself. Not sure where on 7th street OP is talking about, it’s a long street.
      Also, I was running near the Capitol on Sunday, and as reported the “Don’s Johns” all had blue tape over the name. In one spot I noticed potties from another company, Gene’s Johns, did not have the name taped over. So if anyone (me) was keeping an open mind, I’m now convinced this is about the name Don.

      • Anonymous

        Actually scratch that, probably not a lot of balls happening on Saturday morning… but it could be some kind of morning event at the convention center I suppose. Who knows.

    • navyard

      Agree. Could be anything. The signs I’ve seen all have different dates because they coincide with when barricades will be put up or taken down and not all have to do with the actual inaugural parade. In fact, maybe they just need the emergency no parking for when all of Don’s Johns are removed with their golden turds.

    • Amy

      They updated the signs later in the week so it was the wrong date ha!

  • Mug of Glop

    I just ran along the Mall and around the Capitol last night. Looks like the vast majority of Don’s Johns on the Capitol grounds have tape over them, but none west of 3rd did. Some of them had the tape ripped partially off, but about half of them that I saw had “Trump Tower” written over the tape. It seemed only Don’s Johns were present on the Capitol grounds, but along the mall none of the Don’s Johns, Gene’s Johns, or United Services toilets had any tape over them.
    This has been your portable facilities field report.

  • Anon

    That is the day of the huge march which is likely to attract more people than the inauguration.

    • Truxton Thomas

      My understanding is the march has more buses coming than the inauguration itself by a factor of six.

    • wdc

      You think the inauguration committee, which oversees and approves things like special-issue signage, is going to chip in to make sure the protest runs smoothly??

    • DCbyDay

      and this is the wrong part of town/time for the march — but could easily be some other event or break down of equipment/barricades etc

  • That One Guy

    It’s a sign of things to come: mainly mixed messages and claims of fake reporting.

    • maxwell smart

      SAD! (I’m just going to make this my email signature, appended to all outgoing correspondence for the next 4 years).

  • Michael Pierce

    Please, everybody retweet this to DDOT. They will love hearing from you.

  • MadMax

    Clearly an ANC commissioner holding their spot for brunch.

  • andy2

    Um, is that the Gov. Scott Walker logo on the sign? AKA the one “borrowed” from America’s Best Eyeglasses?

  • anon

    everyone knows Royal Flush TRUMPS deuce pair


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