Washington, DC

3rd and H St, NE

“Dear PoPville,

Heads up-my friend and I each used our credit cards today to buy groceries at the H Street Giant. Within 2 hours of each transaction, we each received fraud alerts from our banks. My friend’s card was only fraudulently charged about $10, but someone made about $1600 worth of purchases on mine. Most charges were at the same Giant and all were made very shortly after our original purchases. Thankfully, our banks reversed these charges. I called the Giant to alert them of the situation, was told the manager wasn’t on site, and never received a call back. I’m sure it’s not a huge issue since banks are so vigilant these days, but I wanted to make you aware, just in case. FYI-both of the stolen cards were originally paid with a chip, not a swipe. Everyone who shopped at Giant today [this weekend] check your online banking!”


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