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Trump Truck’s “Unity Bridge” Final Chapter at the Women’s March “Credit the DC police with preventing the Bridge from being washed away.”

by Prince Of Petworth January 23, 2017 at 12:55 pm 11 Comments

Photo by Erica

Thanks to all who wrote in about the notorious Trump Truck/unity bridge/trump-mobile:

“The “Trump Truck” is driving around downtown despite being surrounded by anti-Trump protestors. It was briefly stopped at 10th and E sometime after 3pm when three or four people lay down in front of it. There was some yelling back and forth before the police got the people laying down to stand up and the truck could move on.

While we were all seeing what would happen, a woman silently stood in front of the truck holding a poster saying “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” while holding her child’s hand. It was an amazing moment (photo above.)”


“Their dream to create “unity, and help unite our country together” didn’t seem to be doing so well Saturday at 14th and F Street. For some reason, the hundreds of thousands of people marching against Trump’s hate and ignorance didn’t take kindly to the sight of the Unity Bridge. Credit the DC police with preventing the Bridge from being washed away.”



“I live between 9th and 10th on E, and this photo and video I took from my balcony around 3:15. The Trump mobile trying to turn, being blocked by March attendees. No comment on his intentions for coming downtown today, but the video shows he was saying “we all need peace, we all need to be heard” etc. I’m sad for all of us at this point.”

  • Not sure why the video is still processing – hope that gets fixed soon. But the descriptions are accurate.

  • Lauren

    I got video of this, too, from on the ground right as it started.

    He was scream in people’s faces and then tried to stage a photo-op with their photographers of them “helping” protesters who were laying down up. He said: “Hey– get a picture of me trying to help them up! Get a picture of this.”

    I’m sure it was frustrating to be blocked off. However, I feel like they were looking to incite something by coming downtown during the march. Also kind of dangerous considering all the cars and the school bus they hit coming into DC– wouldn’t want their driving skills to hurt pedestrians.

  • Brian

    We saw the truck right before the incident in the video above. The guy was blaring patriotic music while men on the float took pictures and sang along. We started walking away when it turned onto E Street, likely to get closer to the march, and folks laid down in front of it.

    After reading about all of the incidents with the truck on PoPville the week before, my girlfriend and I opted to stand behind the people blocking it and shout back (I was already upset about the accidents and general irresponsibility of the driver). One of the guys from the back of the float started getting in the face of the protesters and was a pretty solid rebuttal of what the guy on the megaphone was saying (the poor officer trying to keep things peaceful got him to back off a bit, thankfully).

    Eventually police motorcycles led the truck out after officers got folks off the ground. Apparently they proceeded to keep heading to the march, where the motorcycles had to get between the float and the protesters. Honestly, if it wasn’t for police intervention, there could have been a riot given how heated things were getting as more marchers and Trump supporters drifted into the scene.

  • Mr. Magoo

    My observation of this picks up at 14th & K around 3:45 p.m. I was standing at 14th & K when about 10 DC motorcycle cops proceeded north on 14th Street with the “Trump Bridge of Sighs” followed after them at a fairly high rate of speed. I thought it was some kind of official motorcade until I saw the “Trump Bridge to Nowhere” following the motorcycles at a very fast clip. What was really annoying was that the moronic fascists standing on the “bridge” were waving and mocking the crowd like it was some kind of Mardi Gras parade.

    So here are my beefs:

    1. Why was this shitshow trailer even operating on DC streets following its collision with a DC school bus last Wednesday afternoon?
    2. Why were these clowns afforded essentially “motorcade” status by the DC police? Since when are racism and low IQ qualifiers for a motorcade? (Oh yeah, that’s right… since noon on January 20).
    3. If the argument is that these nitwits got a police motorcade escort for “safety reasons,” then why were they allowed to stand on that ridiculous “bridge” moving at a high rate of speed up 14th Street? At a minimum, the police should have made them GET OFF THE GODDAMN TRAILER.

    I was actually going to write a note to MPD about this as my “Moment of Resistance” for today. Rather than writing a note that MPD will just ignore, this post has allowed me to vent about this travesty in a public forum, so thanks for that.

    • kanon

      Please still write MPD!

  • textdoc

    The vehicle/trailer was mentioned in the New York Times over the weekend:
    “Just off 15th Street, a block north of the parade’s official end point, a large flatbed float, with big ‘TRUMP’ letters arched along the back, parked itself in the middle of the street, drawing the ire of thousands of marchers, who berated the float with chants of ‘Shame!’ and ‘We are the popular vote!’
    “Police officers formed a barricade around the float with more than a half-dozen sidecar motorcycles.”

    • textdoc

      Also in this other NYT item (which repeated the language above, and added some more information):
      Location: Washington. Time: 3:10 p.m.
      Notable Chants: “We are the popular vote!”
      Notable Shirt: A blue shirt with “Make Sexism Wrong Again” in the same style as “Make America Great Again” campaign shirts.
      Just off 15th street, a block north of the parade’s official end point, a large flatbed float with big “TRUMP” letters arched along the back parked itself in the middle of the street, drawing the ire of the thousands of marchers, who berated the float with chants of “Shame!” and “We are the popular vote!”
      Police officers formed a barricade around the float with more than a half-dozen sidecar motorcycles. The six or so men and one woman on the float all took pictures of the protesters.
      Yet some of those who chanted to chase the float away weren’t surprised at its appearance at their march.
      “I mean the inauguration was yesterday,” said Chrissy Fiore, 39, of Washington, though she said it was “crazy that they made it down here and that now they’re getting police escorted out.”
      Officers wouldn’t let reporters approach those on the float or those driving it, but a magnet on the side said “Trump Unity Bridge.”
      As the float headed east to move away from the parade, Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. of Milwaukee County, a Trump supporter, was seen walking along the sidewalk, taking in the scene but remaining silent. He did not respond to a reporter’s question about his opinion of the march or protest.
      Nick Corasaniti

  • I was there when it was stuck on F between 14th and 15th. It really did get pretty tense and I credit the police for staying pretty calm, for the most part. One young woman managed to place several rainbow flags on the truck’s windshield and other parts of the truck and trailer. Though the driver claimed to be just trying to leave town, clearly there would be no reason to drive back and forth on downtown streets with a bunch of Trumpkins standing on and shouting from the “bridge” if you’re just trying to leave town. Also, knowing his history of backing that trailer into other vehicles, it did make me nervous that the police had him backing the length of the block to get out, and indeed, he almost backed into several officers who were trying to get the crowd to move out of the way.

  • John

    I witnessed the police helping remove the float from a scene that contained hostel counter protesters. The counter protesters were beating on the truck along with throwing objects at it. I wouldn’t call the police assisting the truck leaving the location a “escort”. More of a move to keep anyone form getting hurt.

    • kt

      Who do you consider the hostile counter protesters in this scenario? The drivers of the Trump float were cris-crossing the streets in the middle of the women’s march. It was a peaceful march (no arrests), no thanks to these guys who were the ones trying to stir something up.

  • EK

    I was at 14th and F for the duration of this debacle and was dumbfounded when the Trump Mobile came down F Street through the intersection towards 15th Street, led by a MPD motorcycle. First of all, 15th Street was mobbed with marchers so they weren’t going to get through regardless, not to mention that F dead ends there anyway. So basically the police led them right into a situation where they’d have to turn that monstrosity around in the middle of the block. Of course that gave marchers all the time in the world to clog up the 14th & F intersection and was a recipe for confrontation. (Question: Where did all those adults on the flat bed come from? I swear when it came through going westbound, the only person on the back was one juvenile. Then when then re-approached the intersection, there were suddenly multiple adults antagonizing the crowd.)

    I get that, once they were stuck, they were going to need police to move the crowd so that they could leave the area. But, big picture, I was more than a little disturbed that the MPD basically just escorted a tacky, mobile trolling effort through the march crowd. Luckily, things remained peaceful but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t keeping my fingers crossed that an otherwise peaceful day of protest wouldn’t go sideways at the very end.


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