The Triangle Known as Truxton Circle exhibit opens Friday at 410 GooDBuddY

by Prince Of Petworth January 12, 2017 at 4:00 pm 7 Comments


From an email:

“We’re only a few days from the opening of The Triangle Known as Truxton Circle at 410 GooDBuddY (410 Florida Ave NW) on Friday the 13th from 6-8pm. But I really want to stress that we’ll have a few gallery hours including the day of the inauguration (1/20 Noon to 3PM), for locals who haven’t skipped town as well as an artists talk on February 11 from 2-4PM where we’ll explain our work in greater depth.

So what’s it about? Truxton Circle, the people and the traffic circle fountain. It is also about change and loss. My part focuses on the history of the neighborhood told through the story of maps, which show change in the neighborhood, from the physical environment to the changing demographics. With change there is loss. Ira Tattelman’s “Fountain” installation explores the lost fountain that once sat in the former Truxton Circle at North Capitol and Florida Avenue. Brian Bakke examines the people forgotten and lost in the changing landscape and tells their stories with small vignettes and etchings.”

“Son of Frankenmap” a composite of a few 1919 plat maps piecing together the neighborhood”

Ed. Note: I found this old photo below from an old PoPville post back in 2009.

Undated, Via National Archives in College Park

  • Truxton Thomas

    Cool! Have seen the signs around the neighborhood. Will check it out.

  • anon

    unable to post the screen shot from google maps but if you want idea of this location, it’s looking north at the modern day N. Cap -Lincoln Rd- Q St intersection with North Cap to the left and Lincoln rd to the right.
    I wish they would’ve tunneled underneath it :(

  • Anon


    • Truxtoner

      I live in Truxton but even I’m not sure if the northern border starts where New Jersey hits Rhode Island Ave or Florida Ave? It matters only in whether Truxton is a pentagon or a quadrilateral. Either way it isn’t a circle or a triangle.

      Poor Truxton. Never gets any respect. We should rebrand as the Shaw Quadrilateral. Or Shaw Polygon? Shawlygon?

  • thor

    Why does that old photo of the circle almost make me cry?

  • katemc

    Oh, congratulations to my former neighbors! If I was still local, I’d be there in a heartbeat. What a cool exhibit (and they’re wonderful people, to boot).

  • textdoc

    This looks interesting.


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