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Reader Finds Remnants of Truxton Circle Fountain

by Prince Of Petworth June 18, 2009 at 11:00 am 21 Comments

Truxton Cirle Fountain 001

“Dear PoP,

I am researching the area around Truxton Circle. During my research, I discovered that the fountain from Truxton Circle is located in Fort Washington National Park in inventory, along with some other treasures (bricks from the Capitol, Washington Monument, McMillan Statue). I went out on Friday to photgraph the remains of the fountain and I attached some pics for any interested residents around the Truxton area.

The circle was located at the intersection of Florida and North Cap, GIS images still show the lots contoured to the circle. Fort Washington Park is located at 13551 Fort Washington Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744 and is quite the gem itself.”

Truxton Cirle Fountain 006

Well this is super cool. Thanks a million for sending and keep us updated on your research!


  • Sully

    Wow, I walk my dogs there everyday and never knew the history behind Truxton Circle.

  • Wow that is awesome. Would it be to ambitious to try and have that recreated? I haven’t been by there but it would be awesome to have that repaired.

  • very cool.
    though very sad its just tossed aside like that.

  • Maya

    I’m baffled. How is “left to rot in a national park” the same as “in inventory”?

  • Yes, it seems that this is a project someone in the neighborhood would want to spearhead. I can envision there being little or no assistance from DC, but perhaps some of the preservation organizations would be able to assist in having the fountain rescued, restored, with missing parts replicated, and reinstalled as close to the original location as possible.
    What kind of cultural barbarism must have occurred at the time the fountain was removed and dumped in the woods – reminds me of the columns and sculptures from the old Penn Station being dumped in the Meadowlands.

  • JTS

    Those old stones from the US capitol are great. occasionally (and I’m nowhere near cool enough to know how to find out about this in advance), a bunch of people descend on them with all kinds of speakers – stereos, ipod decks, old kids radios, etc., and everyone plays a pre-recorded loop of music (or random sounds, or laughing) on repeat for hours.

    check this video out to see what I’m talking about.

  • lordzork


  • Anonymous

    That B&W picture is really striking, especially when you compare it to the sh*thole that is the intersection of North Capitol and Florida now.

  • Dan

    I wonder what it would take (besides funding) to recreate the circle? The former KFC is boarded up and the triangle on the other side of the road (NW corner) is mostly a hangout for crackheads. Is there any sort of organization pushing for a rebuilding of Truxton circle?

  • Brian

    It was torn down as an offering to the commuter gods. North Cap is now an artery for Maryland people to come in for their white-collar-welfare government jobs then drive back to their giant lawns in their cars while throwing trash out the window. It’s a shame they have to see all that blight. Brings a tear to my eye.

    It’s the same reason there’s now a giant gash separating Bloomingdale and Eckington – gotta get those commuters in and out as fast as possible with as little hassle as possible or they might get cranky!

    speaking of cranky… I need coffee.

  • Morrison

    Well, I am not sure if all folks will agree that the current intersection that this is the worst of the worst interestion when you compare the old beautiful circle.

    I am sure the circle saw more than its share of traffic jams and accidents, but from a neighborhood/community standpoint, it must have been a gem prior to 1947.

    Thank you for sharing a picture of the past, and maybe there is some energy out there to return the intersection to the past state.

    Is it true that the small park that lies at the corner of First Street and Florida Avenue is named Truxton Park?

  • heheh. “that IS smarter than..”
    proved my own point…..

  • eric in ledroit

    what would be ideal would be a dupont-circle style approach with north cap tunneled from RIA to NYA (connecting the two already tunneled sections) and fully decked the way Connecticut is through Dupont, with this circle recreated above. that way the commuters (including me trying to come from downtown to ledroit park) could zoom through without affecting the neighborhoods at all.

    wonder how much that would cost. probably less than a baseball stadium :(

  • Anonymous

    Not saying I agree with it but the DDOT report does not recommend reconstructing Truxton Circle. The following comes directly from the report:

    The Study Team does not recommend the construction of Truxton Circle. While the At-Grade
    alternative would improve the aesthetics of the area, the traffic circle would result in significant
    detrimental effects on traffic operations, would require right of way acquisitions and would cost
    approximately 3.7 Million Dollars. The Grade Separated alternative of the Truxton Circle would not be
    as aesthetically pleasant as the proposed At-Grade circle and would have an extremely high cost of
    construction. The Study Team recommends that the recommendations included in the Issues and
    Recommendations chapter of this report be implemented to improve traffic operations and pedestrian
    safety at the intersection of North Capitol Street and Florida Avenue.

  • Carley

    The best of both worlds….put KFC in the center of the circle and have it be a drive-thru so commuters can get a meal as they come and go from the city.

    And before anyone starts with, “The young lady was so rude and nasty at the drive thru window. The chicken was not what I had order, etc…” We can see KFC getting ready for the next free grilled chicken frenzy special at FL AV and N. Capitol.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see the fully decked idea, with a new surface level north cap between ny and RI. Downside may be the necessary ‘off/on ramps’ north of ny-ave and south of R.I. for traffic from those roads that would still create a barrier. Of course, the 7-10 block tunnel isn’t exactly cheap.

  • Anonymous

    The half-baked plans to reconstruct Truxton Circle are less about creating a pleasant, park-like atmosphere there, and more about increasing property values with the added cachet of making people imagine it’s some sort of “Dupont Lite.”

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the post at 5:27, however the fountain now that it has been located is interesting, let’s see what develops, as people can coexist peacefully.

  • the problem with ddot’s analysis that led to them saying the circle shouldn’t be rebuilt is that it only took automobile traffic into account.

    many writers (including the stable of folks at greater greater washington have railed against this mindset for years. i’m sure that a cost/benefit analysis that took things other than traffic flow into account might find more value in the reconstitution of the circle.

  • Sherry

    Can anyone put me in touch with the reader/research? It’s been suggested that perhaps the fountain can be restored at Florida Avenue Playground Park (just down the street from the original circle) if/when the park is renovated in 2011 or 2012 (budget-willing).


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