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The Outrage attracting Big Crowds in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth January 18, 2017 at 10:05 pm 17 Comments

2439 18th Street, NW

We spoke about The Outrage opening last week. Thanks to a reader for an update and word that they are doing well!

“we founded The Outrage as a way to channel our feelings and connect with others who support equality and smash limits, stereotypes, and barriers.

fashion allows you to express yourself and start a conversation. so let’s stop the patriarchy and change the system.

we welcome you to express your outrage. we won’t tell you to smile.

About Our Stuff

we only partner with vendors that use ethical production practices.
we donate at least 15% of the profit from every purchase to a women’s empowerment organization.
we love partnering with and hearing from inspiring people. email: [email protected]


Holding strong into the night:


  • rowanmae


  • Michael Pierce

    Good. Now maybe they’ll stick around and have a drink or some food in the neighborhood. 18th Street is looking pretty sad these days.

    • MadMax

      Everyone in DC is a little SAD! these days.

  • anonymous

    I still don’t quite get the business’ concept, but they picked a perfect time to open up

    • Anon

      It’s not that complicated: business seeks to sell high-demand items to an affinity group eager to improve their collective self esteem via conspicuous consumption. MAGA paraphernalia was similarly popular (albeit with a different group).

  • Anon

    OUTRAGE is in, guys. Let’s all get $EXY

  • North Cleveland Park

    FYI- they do not have a phone number! Super frustrating to not even be able to ask what sizes/styles are in stock before waiting in a long line.

    • Carrie

      I ordered online and then picked up in the store. Skipped the super long line.

      • Brittany W

        How did you select in-store pick-up? Thanks!

        • SKT

          I just emailed them about in-store pick-up and they said they’ve gotten too overwhelmed with orders to offer this option anymore. So waiting in line it is, I guess!

      • Sarah

        Hi, I also got the notification that mine was ready to pick up– do you think I’d still be able to skip the long line?

  • Sarah

    I ordered online, picked up and tried on in the store and, when I realized the shirt didn’t fit, it was a simple hand to hand exchange. Easy and simple. The people were extremely helpful if completely overworked but they did a great job with the Sarah they had!!

    • Sarah

      *staff (not me, Sarah)

  • Brittany

    Does anyone know the hours?

    • SKT

      The website says they’re open until 8pm.

      • brittany

        I just went over there, nothing really left tonight, they close at 10 tonight and open at 10 tomorrow. She said to expect 50-100 people in line before open. They are expecting a shipment though.

  • Heather

    How late are they open today?


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