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  • Cranky Old Bastard

    Seems to block a lot of the water the tree would be getting from rain. Note how dry the soil around the trunk despite the rain.

  • spookiness

    Not cool.

  • wdc

    I like it! But I hope someone is watering the tree. The size of treebox openings isn’t a coincidence.

  • anonymous

    OMG this will turn into a big trash can.

  • anon

    Relatedly, how do some treeboxes get fencing around them? Is that something people do themselves? Something the city arbitrarily decides to do? A request that can be made to the city?

    • GreenThumb

      The fencing of tree boxes in the public space is a bit of a pain, having undertaken this for a couple of trees adjacent to our house in NW. The city generally does not undertake this work let alone pay for it, so I had to hire a fencing contractor at my expense, submit plans to ensure alignment with the city specs, file for permits, and obtain sign offs from adjacent property owners. There are only a handful of contractors who do this work, and the specs are so precise that the fencing will have to be special ordered. It’ll be expensive and take months to complete. You’ll soon learn no two tree boxes are the same size, and that irresponsible dog owners will still encourage their beloved beasts to piss all over (and kill!) your flowers, but I digress.

  • SEDC

    Yeah I wouldn’t say that this was cool when it ends up killing the tree…


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