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The Don’s Johns Coverup Continues

by Prince Of Petworth January 18, 2017 at 9:45 am 37 Comments


A reader reports:

“Seems they are serious about anywhere a TV camera might capture that there be no Don’s Johns. Now at Reagan Building, 7th Street across from ArchivesMetro, etc. thick plastic replaced blue painters tape. Who is paying for this? AOC lamely said on Mall it was to comply with ban on advertising. Is there a ban on advertising on 7th Street NW?”

Update Melissa writes:

“I saw a comment on the latest Don John coverup thread claiming advertising of any kind is prohibited from the inauguration. Coincidentally, I was looking through old photos/reminiscing about Obama’s inauguration, and came across this photo from 2008. I can’t tell if it’s Don John’s logo, but the name was clearly permitted.


  • Hill Denizen

    Hmmm, looks like a blank canvas to me…

    • JohnH

      Seriously – someone will have a field day.

      • I know! What’s to stop people from writing potty humor? Like:
        – Don’s Johns: A Public Can for Republicans
        – Don’s Johns: You’re Invited to the Inaugurinal Bowl
        – Don’s Johns: Pinch a Loaf of Office
        – Don’s Johns: A one potty system.
        – Don’s Johns: Do your nasty business without divesting.
        – Don’s Johns: Deporta-potties.
        – Don’s Johns: Our base is completely full of crap.

        • dcd

          Well done. Also, last week, my wife dissolved into gales of laughter when she read your comments on the prior post. And then my 10 yo asked what was so funny, and read the comments (without the backstory, of course) and still, 5 days later, she will randomly spout off, “Don’s Johns: for Peein’ and Putin!” when the mood strikes her. So I raise my glass to you, Austin – you made our weekend.

          • Well you you just made my whole life. What a kind thing to say! I was getting all down because my boss was all like “this is not what you are paid to do in the middle of the work day.”

        • navyard

          Well, I’ve been having trouble deciding what to put on my protest sign. I guess I’ll just use “Don’s Johns” That should get some attention I think.

  • Michael Pierce

    If I were Don of Don’s Johns, I’d be pissed. No pun intended.

    • Hill Denizen

      I would hope that he’s being compensated.

      • textdoc

        Or that whoever covered the names up is going to remove the tape before the port-a-potties go back.

      • I Dont Get It

        Considering its getting national coverage he’s getting tons of free advertising.

    • Anonymous

      Meanwhile Gene is hoping that this will finally be his moment to break into the big time portable toilet game.

  • n

    there is no advertising of any kind for the inauguration. his name and the name of the company are coincidental.

    • maxwell smart

      Didn’t we cover this LAST week when it was discussed this was not done at the last inauguration?

      • n

        Wouldn’t you think for all the scrutiny Trump has faced as far as favoring corporate America he would want to err on the side of caution on the biggest stage when all eyes are on him? I wouldn’t be surprised if near by John Deere equipment also have tape over the names when Friday rolls around. And yes, this topic was probably covered at some point last week but I’m losing track of all of the Trump-hate posts and threads…they are all blending together.

        • c

          “Wouldn’t you think for all the scrutiny Trump has faced as far as favoring corporate America he would want to err on the side of caution on the biggest stage when all eyes are on him?”

          you’re not really this delusional are you

        • Anonymous

          LOL. Donald Trump, erring on the side of caution? Donald Trump, toning things down because he’s worried about scrutiny? You haven’t been paying any attention, have you?

        • anonabeer

          “Wouldn’t you think for all the scrutiny Trump has faced as far as favoring corporate America he would want to err on the side of caution on the biggest stage when all eyes are on him? ” HAHAHAHAHAHAhhahahahahaha………HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…..HAHAHAHA…HA!

      • uglybetty

        YES, but Architect of the Capital said they were doing it on the Mall to comply with the “no advertising on the Mall” regulation.
        This is on the corner of 7th and Indiana — can there be no advertising there????

    • anon

      Well, yeah. No crap. Don’s Johns are at pretty much any mid-size and large event in DC. Been in DC before Donnie and will be here long after.

      • Hill Denizen

        Are any of the porta-potties from other companies being covered up?

        • wd


          • TJ

            actually, Gene’s Johns signage are also being covered. Don is much more popular, though.

    • anonymous

      That’s what they’re saying but why didn’t they cover up the Gene’s Johns signage? I’ve seen them side by side and only the Don’s one were covered up. Also- as been mentioned- this has never occurred before.

      • n

        They have until late Thursday. The name will be covered up.

        • B

          Um, how do you know this, n? Don’t make stuff up, please.

          • Anonymous

            “A lot of people are saying the name will be covered up.”

          • Anonymous

            “so thinking rationally every once a while”
            This coming from the person who suggested above that Trump would want to err on the side of caution. Since you’re guessing and assuming then let me introduce you to simple phrases such as “I think…”, “I assume…”, “I’ll bet…”, and “my guess is…” These will enhance and clarify your communications greatly. I know it’ll make you sound less like Trump, but you’re probably not much like him anyway.

        • Michael Pierce

          And if it isn’t, you’ll be telling us that you never said it would be covered up. So Trumpian.

  • Colhi

    I knew that I had photos of the port-a-johns from the 1st Obama inauguration and out of curiosity, I found them on Facebook. The signs were completely uncovered and you can clearly see the advertising. Also in no other event can I ever remember them covering up the names – including the folk life festival, etc..

    Trump is thin skinned and embarrassed by the Don Jon’s thing and that excuse about advertising on the mall is convenient.

    • ET

      This is totally about the name. It doesn’t matter what the fools on the Hill say about there being no advertising – that would only affect properties that are congressional related this cover up is not in that area. And it wasn’t covered up for other inaugurations.

    • Dan

      I’d like to see this picture, Colhi. Can you share?

  • mersadaisy

    Does Don’s John’s sell tshirts? They should…

  • John B.

    They covered up all the ones on 10th St. between Constitution and Pennsylvania yesterday. Quite thoroughly, and on all sides.

  • Thought

    It is our civic duty to remove these stickers (if you dare go down there).
    Not sure what the charge would be if caught… “Removal of stickers”?

  • Commentator

    Not going to claim that I have any evidence of exactly why this is happening, but just so crazy that the incoming President is so thin-skinned and immature that it seems totally plausible he would be demanding this happen because of the name. Sad!

  • los

    Would not surprise me that if you follow the right track, this leads to something impeachable for The Donald. Instead of leaving it alone, the Don’s ego flushes it all down the john, by going medieval on perceived slight


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