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  • Dan

    I would love to take a leak on that wall

    • d

      This wall would pay you to do it.

  • Ben

    I predict mass voter fraud in our upcoming wall vote. We can’t have illegals voting for our wall!

  • textdoc

    Hahaha! Excellent.

  • Joshua


  • Michael Pierce

    Clever, but you know they’re never gonna put something that controversial on that wall. They’d be overrun by those pizzagate-type crazies.

    • JohnH

      There’s gotta be a wall somewhere this can go on.

  • DE

    Awesome, but you really wouldn’t want to see something as gross as Trump kissing every time you went to eat there.

    • I Dont Get It

      How often do you eat there?

  • Trinidaddy
  • lisavfr

    Can somebody get the Subway Projector Bandit from MtP to put some similar projections up!!!

  • Blithe

    This is timely, and funny. It is also someone else’s property. For those of you who haven’t been in DC long enough to experience the aftermath of the riots, please keep in mind the crazies that targeted Comet Ping Pong, and the recent election that suggests that there may be a lot of unhinged, low-information people out there, including among our leadership. I hope that I”m being at least somewhat paranoid, but it doesn’t take a lot for me to imagine that if politically provocative art is put up somewhere, there could easily be an equally strong, possibly violently strong response to it. I’m not framing this a free speech issue, but as a long-time, privately owned family business issue. If you’re not the one that pays the insurance and has to deal with the aftermath, you shouldn’t be the one to decorate it — even with temporary projections.
    I agree with Michael Pierce and JohnH. Please don’t give the actively unhinged a reason to target Ben’s — or any other privately owned property that you don’t personally own. It would be great though, if there is somewhere else, prominently visible, that stuff like this could go. Sooo, anyone out there own a warehouse? Is it possible to purchase a billboard? Is anyone aware of places that merit — and would welcome — their own RESIST banners?


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