• Guillermo Brown

    Hey Taylor Gourmet, please open in Petworth. Thank you

    • PetworthGuy


    • Anon

      +2 I’ve been saying that for awhile now, I would love to have one there, but not sure how good of a lunch business they’d do. I’d pick up for dinner though for sure.

    • PetlessInPetworth

      Near all the stuff 14th & Quincy/Randolph please! Gonna be the coolest block in town, soon

  • BestSandwhich

    Does anyone else find Taylor Gourmet overrated? They are not bad, and I enjoy them but I find the dedication and love people have for it strange. They are maybe 7/10. Vastly inferior to much of Philly/NJ/NYC and not even the best of that style in DC.

    • Kingman Park It

      What is the best of that style in DC?

      Outside of Bub and Pops, I think Taylor is the best representation I’ve had.

      • n

        a literi

        • anoNE


      • MadMax

        Mangialardo’s, Stachowski’s, The Italian Store, DGS, MGM, Wagshal’s, Parkway Deli, just to name a couple (other than Bub’s).

        • Rich

          Most of your list is sub-Taylor. Mangialardo’s is overrated. A Literi is much better. DGS & Stachowski are overpriced and overrated. MGM is great. Parkway Deli is okay but well past its prime. Even people who I know who grew-up here and have had family in the business concede that you’ve always needed a trip to Baltimore to get good deli.

          • Stavros

            Taylor sandwiches range from $8-12. Stachowski’s, outside their pastrami, from $9-13. Pretty much a wash, no? And that doesn’t even take into consideration the difference in quality (hint: Stachowski’s is better).

          • MadMax

            I completely disagree. A Litteri is mediocre, at best. It’s only selling point is that it’s cheap, by comparison.

          • MadMax

            And you can get a sandwich at Stachowski’s for $12 that will feed 4 people. I’m not sure how anyone considers that overpriced.

          • Anon

            Most of those places aren’t vegetarian friendly, which is one thing I like about Taylor. What I wouldn’t give for a Primo Hoagie, though!

    • skaballet

      I tend to agree on the sandwiches. Have become a big fan of the salads though.

    • jumpingjack

      I actually find Taylor to be downright bad. Back when they first opened (2009/2010) they were delicious; the decline has been precipitous. Haven’t eaten there in years.

      • adam c

        YAS FINALLY. Their winter menu last year was TERRIBLE. Weird stuff and they constantly get rid of popular choices. Their new wheat bread is also terrible.

    • Anon

      Whenever there’s a Taylor post half a dozen people feel obligated to comment that it’s overrated… so no, it’s not just you.

  • Anon H St


    • H St. Too


  • MadMax

    If only the same people in charge of making the sandwiches for the press release photos were there making them when you order… These always look so good when you see them here, then you get that brick of a baguette when a few sparse toppings and reality sets in.

  • Khris

    They really went downhill when they stopped importing their bread from Philly.

  • Michael

    Isn’t winter half over?


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