“sold in 5 days, post-election, in the month of December, for over 10% above list price”

by Prince Of Petworth January 6, 2017 at 10:40 am 16 Comments


Good Deal or Not Revisited (GDoN-R) is a weekly post that reviews the settled sales data of a recent individual real estate transaction in the District of Columbia. Each post is a snapshot of the real estate market at a particular moment in time. GDoN-R generally posts on Friday in the late morning.

GDoN-R has been written exclusively for PoPville since 2009 by Suzanne Des Marais. Suzanne is a practicing Realtor with the Bediz Group, LLC at Keller Williams Capital Properties . Unless specifically noted, neither she nor the company that she is affiliated with represented any of the parties or were directly involved in the transaction reported below. Unless otherwise noted, the source of information is Metropolitan Regional Information Systems (MRIS), which is the local multiple listing system and/or Smartcharts by Showingtime). Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Featured Property: 146 Duddington Pl SE
Legal Subdivision: Capitol Hill
Advertised Subdivision per Listing: Capitol Hill
Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2 Parking: Street Basement: No Ownership: Fee Simple
Original List Price: $799,000. List Price at Contract: $799,000.
List Date: 12/01/2016 Days on Market: 5
Settled Sales Price: $883,550.
Seller Subsidy: $0.
Settlement Date: 12/30/2016
Transaction type: Standard

Original GDoN post can be seen
: here.

The listing can be seen here: here.

For those who like Before and Afters, you can see the true vintage Harvest Gold appliances on the 2011 listing. As of the recent listing, the actual vintage appliances were supplanted with vintage-style Northstar kitchen appliances.

Despite lack of off street parking as well as a basement, this charming Capitol Hill rowhome sold post-election, in the month of December, for over 10% above list price. The subject home also notably sold for over $100,000. more than her similar neighbor a few doors down, which settled this past June for $780,000.

The listing agent for this property was Kristin Gosselin Cummings with Ramsbury Real Estate, LLC. Dan Swayze with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage assisted the Buyer.

  • Shawnnn

    Good time to have done it considering interest rates started to climb right around then. Lock it down now.

  • dcpolis

    what’s with the emphasis on comparing sale price to list price? things can be listed too high or too low for many reasons, so to say something went over list really doesn’t have much meaning as to whether the buyer got a good deal or not.

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      It’s an interesting stat. Sometimes things are listed right where they should be and still go over list. I like to see the list price and the sale price whether it was originally listed too low or too high.

      • anonymous

        especially when the neighbors sold for 100k less just 6months ago. Which was around the original list price.

      • too good to be true

        It is best to actually price your home below market value. I generates interest in the house and leads to bidding wars which can get you more than market.

        If all the offers are too low you can just not accept them

  • anonymous

    extra 90k..sure I’ll take that profit.

  • mcd

    Post election even!?!!? I thought the world was going to end based on popville…

    • Truxtoner

      Obama is still running things for a few more days.

    • anonymous

      Depends on whose world you are talking about.
      If you are a senior level government employee who could find his or herself on the wrong side of the new rule being adopted by the Republican Congress that allows one Member of Congress to specifically target your job and cut your salary down to $1 just because he or she feels like it, then maybe you’re not too keen on taking on a mortgage commitment right now. But if you’re a private sector swell who’s in line for a pretty a massive tax cut from this Congress and President, it’s a great time to buy a house.

  • Khris

    Those retro appliances are cool, but damn if they aren’t expensive as hell. Then again, if you just dropped nearly a million on a house, you can probably afford any appliances you desire.

    • navyard

      I wish it worked that way. I dropped nearly a million on a house and I’m re-using my tea bags. Houses are expensive!

  • MadMax

    LOL @ “post-election”, as if things just suddenly stop happening in DC depending upon who wins. The same work gets done no matter what, Democrats hire feds for it, Republicans hire contractors.

    • Khris

      Yeah, you can definitely tell who hasn’t been here since before Obama took office.

      • Elkhaert

        I’m pretty sure that is in relation to the rising interest rates. There was some question of whether people would wait to see if it settled back down or rush to lock it in thinking it is gonna go even higher under Trump. I’d say the later is most likely.

        • MadMax

          If you need a place to live you need a place to live, and if you’re in the almost-900K bracket you’re not going to waste time waiting for a .2 percentage point drop.

          • Elkhaert

            I’d disagree pretty strongly. A good portion of the people looking to buy in DC are renting in DC, so there is not an immediate need for housing. And percentages matter more the higher you go, not less.

            In any case, I don’t think waiting is prudent right now since they are still at historical lows, and I bet it just keeps rising. But you are silly if you don’t think it makes a difference, at least psychologically.


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