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Sweetgreen NOT closing at 19th and L St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth November 1, 2016 at 3:45 pm 8 Comments

1901 L Street, NW

wdc wrote in the Juice Joint closing post:

“Speaking of closed… Did I miss an announcement about the Sweetgreen at 19th and L? That place was ALWAYS packed, lines out the door. What happened?”

jcd responds:

“The grilled cheese place next to it closed a few months ago. Reportedly, the whole building is going to be re-skinned, presumably with glass walls, the same way that many other downtown office buildings are. The Staples will probably be next to close.”

LG replies:

“Uh, I’m literally eating a salad that I picked up from the Sweetgreen on 19th and L a half hour ago. It’s still open! Or at least, if it’s closing for construction, it hasn’t closed yet.”

dolf hears:

“This location has always been a trouble spot for sweetgreen. Golden Triangle is a drain and rent is crazy. No weekend traffic, no dinner traffic. It’s consistently been one of their worst performing locations. With winter coming, lunch traffic will drop in half (if not more). This is a long time coming from what I’ve heard. One other DMV location may also be on the chopping block.”

The official word from Sweetgreen around lunch time is that they are:

open with a line currently out the door.”

  • wdc

    Gosh, I feel really bad for setting that off. I coulda sworn I walked past yesterday around lunchtime, there was no one inside, and there were printed “this location closed” signs in the windows. But now I think I must have confused it with the Meltshop next door.

  • d

    Love the confidence with which some speak/type. If it were true that sweetgreen couldn’t survive in this area, then no place can, because it’s consistently busier than every other GT food purveyor during lunch (no one is busy nights and weekends). Plus, they’re opening up another location a couple blocks away on Eye St, so there’s plenty demand.

    • textdoc

      Yeah, I didn’t get that either. Yes, Golden Triangle doesn’t get much evening/weekend traffic (and the opening hours usually reflect that)… but the area has a TON of eateries that presumably get pretty good lunch business, or they would’ve gone out of business by now.

      • FridayGirl

        Plus, aren’t they opening even ANOTHER Sweetgreen closer to the White House (I think it was near 17th & Penn somewhere but I can’t remember which building exactly)? That leads me to believe they’re doing a-ok with a million downtown locations.

  • jcd

    I am also sorry to have contributed-the development was consistent with what had happened to the grilled cheese place, whose spot remains I filled.

  • AntiAlias

    I work in this building, and I think I can answer some of this stuff once and for all. The building’s been sold to a new company, and they are going to do some renovations. But they’re not closing down the building or making anyone move out during construction.

    Meltshop didn’t do very good business. When it closed, they initially had a sign up saying that they had to close because of building renovations. However, about a week later someone came over and replaced the sign with one that didn’t mention renovations, so I think someone called them out on that, especially since the other two retail tenants didn’t move out.

    Regarding the Sweetgreen, it’s true that area is a desert on weekends. But Sweetgreen does REALLY well on weekdays, when I walk outside there’s always a long line. So I don’t think there’s any danger of them shutting down that location.

    • maxwell smart

      I was disappointed about Meltshop – I actually really liked it when I was in the mood for a grilled cheese. I think if they had gone to a location where they could have gotten some traffic evenings/weekends they would have done better.

  • siz

    yeah “dolf”s comment makes no sense to me – people don’t open eateries around 19th & L expecting them to do weekend/dinner business. as someone who eats here regularly i’d be shocked if they closed.


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