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Metro Recommends Proposal No. 3 for new operating hours beginning July 1 , 2017 – Weekend Hours Would Close at 1am

by Prince Of Petworth — November 28, 2016 at 4:00 pm 13 Comments


Read the full report Metrorail Span of Service Recommendation

The mayor’s office issued the following response:

“Today, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) released proposed recommendations regarding Metro’s rail service after the SafeTrack rebuilding initiative. Communications Director Kevin Harris released the following statement in response:

“Our position on WMATA’s late-night service has not changed: soon after SafeTrack, late night operations should resume. As the nation’s capital and home to over 670,000 residents, we need a Metro system that works for everyone – residents, workers, employers, and visitors. That means having a Metro that stays open late as the region continues to grow. The staff recommendation falls far short of what we owe all riders: a safe, reliable system that meets their needs.”

  • Chris

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – if I go out during the week to events such as concerts, theater, ballgames, I don’t see why I should leave early to catch metro. Therefore it is off the table as an option.

    So much for that. Driving it is.

    • llucas

      I dont think there are many theater or concert venues (like VerizonCenter) that have events going past 1 am during the week.

      • bill

        During the week ≠ weekend. It would close at 11:30 during the week.

      • Chris

        there are plenty. shows at 930 club can run late, black cat, hamilton, gypsy sally’s, nationals games, the springsteen concert at nats park…. they do run long enough that i would have to leave at 11 to catch the last train, meaning i’d miss at least 30-40 minutes

  • smh

    11:30 closing would be a mess for professional sports teams. They would probably try to move games earlier, which makes them harder to televise and puts crowds right in the middle of rush hour.

    when WMATA demonstrates that they are somehow working productively on all lines every night then maybe this makes sense. but they don’t have the staff for that. they will work sporadically on small sections of the system, and doing single-tracking and occasional station closures to accommodate that makes a lot more sense than shutting down the whole system.

    • domrep

      When you really think about it, how many games will be affected by this? Nats play 81 home games a year, most of those are Friday-Sunday. Caps situation might be a little different, they seem to play more home games during the week but even then, the game starts at 7, and they’re usually over by 10-1030. I think we might be over estimating how much this affects the home games.

      • David S.

        Nats games are evenly spread throughout the week. Weekend games (especially on Sunday) are more likely to be day games.

      • AJ

        The Nats play a fair amount of home games during the week. The Wizards do as well. I love the fact that 3 of D.C.’s pro teams actually play in the city itself rather than in nearby suburbs, but if fans can’t reliably take public transit to and from the games, it definitely takes away a lot of the convenience and appeal of being in the city.

        • Tsar of Truxton

          Normal baseball game should be over by 10-1030 at the latest. Basketball and hockey games end earlier than that. This only impacts rare extra inning games and maybe a double OT Wizards game. Even overtime Caps games should be over well before 1130. Shows at 930 Club end between 1030 and 11 usually, so people might be cutting it close for connections. That said, these are all luxuries, so leaving early is always an option if the event is running longer. It impacts workers more because they don’t have that option.

          • JoDa

            If we really want to consider DC a “world-class” city, sporting and entertainment events shouldn’t be considered a “luxury” that you can only enjoy if you can afford to drive and park or take private transportation to and fro. I mean, sure, if you’re sitting on the floor at the Verizon Center to see a big-name band, then you can probably afford to stick around for the encore and pay whatever you have to to get home, but what about that teen in the nosebleeds seeing their favorite band for the first time? Or the no-name band who goes on at some no-name bar at Midnight? These are the things that cities afford you the opportunity to do…supposedly. If we don’t want to be a real city like that…well, fine, I guess…but that’s going to chase away a lot of young people who want to live in a city “like that.” We’ve already priced young people out from living close to the “cool stuff,” now we’re going to say “and you have to pay through the nose for transportation to enjoy the entertainment?”

  • Jeremy

    It’s not just fans attending games. It’s employees who work the bars and restaurants who need reliable safe transportation home.

    • divebar311


      I have a friend who works at very well-known restaurant in Shaw and his kitchen staff finish and lock up around 2:30- 3 am. That’s on a weekday when the restaurant closes at 10 pm.

      Metro death spiral.

  • anon

    Dear Metro: Have you checked what time bars and restaurant close in D.C. on weekends? ‘Cause I think you really should look into that and get back to us with a metro schedule that reflects reality rather than this nonsense. Stop trying to drag this city backwards!


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