• wdc

    Directly across the street from Pho 14? I don’t have a good feeling about this place’s chances of survival.

    • GBinCH

      Pho 14 isn’t very good, imho. Every time I’ve been, I’ve had to send back cutlery, cups, etc, because they haven’t been cleaned properly. I won’t go there anymore, so if this place is good, I’ll be thrilled.
      My favorite is Pho Viet, but its a much longer walk from my house.

      • wdc

        Pho Viet has superior pho, but no beer, uncomfortable atmosphere, and often surly service. I go there alone when I’m sick. If I want to dine socially and linger with friends, Pho 14 is better.

        • mmm

          surly service? It is sometimes slow and no-fills but it is efficient and does the job. And the food is just so much better than Pho 14.

          On the other hand, I constantly hear the manager at Pho 14 yelling at her staff. The food (and service) used to be good but both the pho and bun has gotten so bad lately. I used to go at least once a week. But it is so bad now…never again.

          I hope this new place forces Pho 14 to step up their game…would also be great to see some other Viet dished on the menu that you otherwise have to go to the burbs to get…fingers crossed.

          • wdc

            Huh, how lately? Last time I was there was late summer and it was fine.

      • divebar311

        Pho Viet is the best in the neighborhood and arguably the best in the DISTRICT (notice I did not say the DMV).

        I’m excited a new restaurant is taking vacant space in that PNC building. That TGI Fridays permit is still hanging in the window at 14th and Monroe…

        • Anonymous

          Does Pho Viet have “regular” pho? It seems when I order a traditional bowl, the broth isn’t the same (clear, yellow?) as Pho 14 or the other pho places around the DMV. Yes, I’ve ordered the lemongrass pho and I love it, but sometimes I just want a traditional bowl. Am I ordering wrong?

          • probably. They definitely have regular pho. I actually think pho 14’s broth is the oddball. Theirs is a bit sweet, possibly with too much plum in it?

          • Anon

            Pho 14’s broth is not traditional. I think its too much star anise, cinnamon or cardamom in it that makes it sweeter. Pho Viet has traditional broth and it is clear when it comes out. It obviously starts clouding up when your round eye starts cooking in the broth. IMHO Pho Viet’s broth is the best in DMV. I used to drive out to Pho 75 but its just not the same anymore.

          • mmm

            yeah pho 14’s broth is extremely over-seasoned. I assume to hide the fact that it is not true bone broth (which takes a very long time to make)

  • spookiness

    I’m hungry for banh mi. Is it lunch time yet?

  • OP Anon

    Ben Tre in Adams Morgan is pretty solid. Good food, friendly service, clean dining room. It’s a good affordable option to the neighborhood.


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