• Cava Pony

    This is awesome! Are these works generally commissioned, or do the artists offer to do them ‘pro-bono’? We have a blank side of our rowhouse that our landlord says he wouldn’t mind a mural on….

    • A little of both. There’s a lot of grant money out there for artists to work with though, so that they can get paid and the homeowner doesn’t have to completely foot the bill.

      • Andie302

        Any idea where I can find out more about this? Our row of houses is facing a blank wall and some condos going up on our block could also benefit from that same wall having a mural.

  • Jerry Grundle

    “Birth of the Blue Man Group.”

  • A

    Beautiful murals, but the owner of this building isn’t the best neighbor. These buildings are major eye sores. Hope they are gettting hit with the vacant and blighted tax rate.

  • stacksp

    For those that asked, Blind Whino actively seeks out areas for their artists to paint murals.


  • Indeed beautiful mural! I’ve always been curious about this building itself. It looks like it could be such a great space for something – just wondering what it used to be, and what’s in store for its future.

    • JS

      It used to be a warehouse for a vending machine company, and apparently it was sold with the intent to redevelop (i.e. tear down and rebuild) into multi-family housing.


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