• Mike

    Lol. That made my day. Next your gonna tell me midlands is ever gonna open and tipsy peacock is gonna be a thing

    • Midlands is very very very close – Tipsy Peacock I have my doubts…

      • stcohi

        Walked by Midlands the other night and it looks really cool. Close indeed. BTW we can LOL all we like, but I imagine its really frustrating for the people opening these restaurants to be constantly set back. It’s not always the business owner’s fault. DC has some pretty awful red tape.

  • Girard Street Resident

    Why do they tag their photos on Facebook/Instagram with #Petworth? This is Pleasant Plains.

    • iwdc

      +1 I really want to like/support this place, but the fact that they don’t appreciate (or even know) the neighborhood they are in is super disappointing.

      • vrew


  • Minda

    About… Freaking… Time…. Hope it doesn’t suck

  • jelly_bean

    Wish they’d have The Early November play here opening day if, in fact, it opens in early November.

  • gabeyo

    Early November 2017?????

  • Sam Jahanbeen

    We’re opening Nov 11th!


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