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  • Ghost

    Those benches are not new been there several months (walk by there a few times a week) and the boxes could just be someone dumping garbage (lots of garbage around that area up and down Sherman ave)

    • a

      That’s the spirit!! (I don’t blame you)

  • Anon1

    ugh they’ve been possibly opening for a while…isn’t it sketchy that the opening’s been so delayed?

  • Bee

    In addition, Hilltop’s facebook page has been down for most of the summer. The last post was in the spring, which was a new updated update for their opening day. As per all previous updates, it came and went without an opening. Would be great to know what they’re up to…

  • We walked past on Saturday as someone was coming out the door, looked like he was doing some work. He said they will open “soon”, whatever that means.

    • Well that’s something I guess. But the whole thing is pretty sketchy. And sad.

    • a82neb

      The fact that the person said “soon” suggests that the actual answer is the opposite. If it was within the month, I’m sure they would have said so.

  • Sam Jahanbeen

    Hi All – the Hilltop owner here.

    So… we are still opening :) No one has been more frustrated in the delay than myself. Construction is complete. The menu is ready to go. And we have our liquor license. Just waiting for the occupancy permit from the city – have been for 5 months now.

    I pretty much learned my lesson on giving opening dates but we’ll establish one and blast the neighborhood about it soon as we get this final permit. Stay tuned. Oh… and thanks for your patience.

    – Sam

    • timmyp2353

      Utterly ridiculous that it’s taken you this long to get your permit. Hang in there. I ride my bike share past your place twice a day and can’t wait to stop in. While you’re waiting you could petition Capital Bike share for a row of bikes and parking. I know I see quite a bit of them ride up and down Sherman and there isn’t really a place to drop your bike near there if you want to stop in. Just a thought.

      Good Luck!!!

      • GirardStreet

        @timmyp2353: I fully agree!

      • LaMonty Burns

        Such great news. Totally agree on bike share station! Let us know if there’s some way we can petition the city to hurry up with the occupancy permit.

    • Ivan

      Thanks for replying to this post, it’s great to know this is actually still happening! Good luck on the occupancy permit, I can’t wait to become a regular.

    • a82neb

      Yippe! Thanks for keeping the locals in the loop.

  • bogfrog

    Hope Hilltop opens soon! Great unique location! Will be a great addition to the neighborhood. Place has always been kept spotlessly clean, despite all the delays. That’s a good sign!


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