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Meridian Hill Fountain Finally Filled!!

by Prince Of Petworth September 6, 2016 at 10:45 am 10 Comments

mhf filled
Photo by Jennifer Riddell

The Great Fountain Drought of ’16 is finally over! Thanks to Jennifer for sending word on Friday:

“Meridian Hill Park fountain is ON!”

Most years the fountains stay filled until around mid-November – so a couple more months to enjoy them this year!

  • Tito Jackson

    Just in time for the winter freeze! Yeah! Hi Five DC!!

    That’s also why they wait until after summer to pave roads, so that the snow plows can destroy new pavement!

    That’s also a great policy with crime enforcement, to allow a problem to really fester before touching it way too late, like the crack house on my block that has been busted 5 times, but still in operation until someone gets shot…

    And why trash collectors here throw trash cans and bottles in alleys, so that the city can disintegrate properly and have a nice aged look with a bunch of cars with busted tires!

    Sorry, I’m just weary about all the years of decline in city services… My bad. :/

  • BN

    True it’s finally filled and turned on, but did anyone else see it overflowing this weekend? I can’t remember if it was Friday or Saturday, but the pool at the base of the cascade was spilling out into 14th Street. But at least it was running! :)

    • BN

      Oops, I meant 16th Street!

    • wdc

      No overflowing this morning!

    • Anon

      “Needs more water!”, “Too much water!” – jeez, tough crowd here!

  • Off last night

    After flooding all day Saturday, it was off as of last night. Not sure about today.

  • TacoPants

    Pools closed. Time to open the fountain. Makes sense.


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