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“Expect large crowds, fewer trains and major delays along the entire Red Line” Surge #10 is Nearly Upon Us (Oct. 29-Nov. 22)

by Prince Of Petworth October 26, 2016 at 9:45 am 26 Comments


“Expect large crowds, fewer trains and major delays along the entire Red Line.”

And may God have mercy on our souls.

Although GoDCGo offers (among other alternatives) something that just might be good for our souls:

“You can walk anywhere, but you can also take this opportunity to use the Metropolitan Branch Trail. Take it during the day for a direct route, about 3.7 miles, 82 minutes walking. This trail is accessible via the NoMa, Rhode Island Avenue, Brookland, Union and Takoma Metro stations. The best route on the northern side is on the Metropolitan Branch Trail toward MBT Stairs, see instructions here. The best route on the southern side is on Galloway St NE see instructions here.”

  • Leeran

    This is going to be nuts all around.

  • artemis

    This is going to make my already complicated commute hell.

  • akoyasyd

    On top of this, my understanding is that WMATA is not increasing the frequency of G8 buses. Unbelievable. They’ve already restricted the number of buses between Avondale and Brookland, which has increased crowding (and commuting hassle) significantly in the mornings and evenings. Woodridge/Brookland/Edgewood/Brentwood residents are going to feel the pain. I can’t imagine what this is going to be like for the folks who live near Fort Totten and further north. Anybody know if WMATA made some sort of adjustment to any bus schedules?

    • jumpingjack

      There are a couple of buses that go from Takoma to downtown. But of course WMATA isn’t increasing their frequency at all.

      • akoyasyd

        Of course.

      • Pixie


  • also anon

    I seriously can’t believe there won’t be more yellow or green line trains from Fort Totten.
    Also hearty lolz for anyone that thinks an 82 minute 4 mile walk is a reasonable solution.

    • Leeran

      It’s laughable. If people live close enough to walk to work regularly, they’re already doing that and avoiding WMATA.

    • maxwell smart

      What’s funny/not funny, is that thanks to SafeTrack + Beach Drive closure, it’s literally faster for me to walk 4.5 miles home than take the bus

    • anon

      To be fair, I doubt adding more yellow/green lines would make the commute faster from Ft. Totten. I get on at Petworth and If the trains are less than 3 minutes apart, once you get to about Shaw or Mt. Vernon, inevitably you end up stopping between every station because “there is a train on the platform in front of us”. This especially happens on the ride home and regularly adds 10-15 minutes to my commute. Its maddening.

      Although it might ease crowding.

      • Anonymous

        Right, there is a finite number of trains that they can safely run on any line at one time. When that happens, a train can only go as fast as the one ahead of it. And at that point, the only thing that is slowing trains down is people getting on and off. If people would step lively and efficiently when getting on and off the trains (e.g. go two-by-two instead of single file), it would help a lot.

      • Tom

        +1, masked stranger, you beat me to it. Between big crowds at Gallery and the time it takes to get the short-turned trains in and out of the pocket track at Mt. Vernon Square, there’s your bottleneck. I wish it were feasible to do rush trains at Fort Totten like they do in the off-peak hours.

      • also anon

        I typically take the red line from Fort Totten but occassionally take the green or yellow when there’s an issue. I have always had to wait 5+ minutes for a yellow/green train at Fort Totten and when I get on it’s typically crowded. So my (limited) experience leads me to think there could be more trains even just from Fort Totten to Mt Vernon which would probably help ease the crowding.

      • also anon

        And honestly I’d rather be on a less crowded train waiting between stops (maybe I’d even get a seat!) than one that’s overcrowded. I think the extremely overcrowded trains take a long time to get people in and out at stops so the trip becomes even longer that way. And we all know how annoying it is when one more person insists that they can fit in the car.

  • jumpingjack

    And once again, they’ve added virtually no extra bus service to most of the affected stations.
    I had a good experience using UberPool during the August surge. But now that Beach Drive is closed and traffic is significantly worse, I’m dreading that option too.

    • rubydogdc

      I started using Uber Pool instead of taking the red line from Ft. Totten a month or two ago and I am pretty happy with it. Generally $3-6 in the morning and $5-10 in the evening, but I get door-to-door service without the stress and uncertainty. I wonder if the prices will go up in the effected area due to increased demand, or it will just draw more drivers.

    • maxwell smart

      Beach Drive closure has turned the evening commute into a nightmare. I’ll leave work at 8pm and it will still take 20-30 minutes just to cross the bridge over Rock Creek Park at Calvert.

      • jumpingjack

        Ugh. I was hoping traffic would have evened out by now.

        For evenings I may try to take the Green Line to Fort Totten (and then Uber or taxi from there) to avoid road traffic. I usually leave a little after the rush so perhaps that’ll work. The prospect of sitting in a car with four strangers for an hour drive back to Takoma sounds awful.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    Ugh. Gonna be taking a lot of cabs to and from work.

  • zandunga

    The 64 and 80 are going to be a nightmare. Since they both start at Ft. Totten, many people are planning to take them to commute downtown.

    • BeverlyS

      Yeah, I think that’s going to be true. But they will increase 80 service, or so it says on their pamphlet they’re handing out, but I don’t think it’s clear yet how *much* they’re going to increase it. I think the 80 bus averages about every 8-10 minutes now during rush hour and if it’s not twice as frequent during this surge, it’s going to be so crowded.

    • abdc

      The 64 has definitely been terrible recently, and the time apps/bus eta have been really off with ghost buses and completely inaccurate times. It frustrates me to no end that it takes an hour + to go 4 miles on the 64.

  • Pixie

    On the plus side this might be the kick in the butt I need to start bike commuting? Honestly I don’t really know what I’m going to do. I can’t telework and have no flexibility with my work hours and the lack of extra buses from Takoma/Ft Totten to downtown just really sucks.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    I live in Petworth, so I think I’m actually going to bike commute during this. It’s nice this time of year anyways.

    • eva

      I live in Petworth and metro from Petworth to NOMA is my back up for bad weather or a bike repair issue.

      This is going to drive me to running to work. There are no bus options that can take me the 3 miles in less than an hour. The metro skates by at about 45-55 minutes. I can run the distance in 35 minutes, sometimes fewer when I don’t spend enormous sums of time waiting for walk signals in the NY/FL area.

  • Anon Scoots

    I am going to go give my Vespa a big hug.


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