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“To our concerned neighbors and fellow beer & sandwich aficionados.”

by Prince Of Petworth September 5, 2016 at 10:05 pm 11 Comments

3333 Georgia Ave, NW

From the owners of Midlands:

“To our concerned neighbors and fellow beer & sandwich aficionados. We’re still here, alive and kicking. Investors haven’t dropped out, DCRA isn’t trying to put us in a corner and we didn’t open up the 7th circle of hell when we cut through the concrete to install all new plumbing. Btw, cutting open a concrete slab 6″ thick to dig another 6′ down isn’t something that happens overnight. Or in two weeks. It’s hard work folks. Due to some unfortunate hiccups in the permitting and building process we are way behind schedule (as you all know), but fret not! For we are back on track and building away! We don’t want to jinx ourselves by giving an opening timeline, but we are very comfortable with the progress we are now making. Please join our Facebook page for all the most recent information. Such as photos of us emptying 15,000 lbs of concrete rubble at the dump. Exciting stuff. AND if you see us out there sweating away feel free to stop and ask what’s up! If we have time we will even try to give you a little tour.

Take care and we will see you all very soon!

Robin, Trent, Tony & Peyton”

  • Rufus

    Can’t wait! Thanks for the update.

  • allison

    so happy to hear this update. thanks for keeping us informed, and can’t wait for them to open!!

  • FJ

    Nothing refreshes like a cold brew in a beer garden after a hard year’s work! Good luck with the next steps.

  • GBinCH

    I’m very excited for this place to open. Seeing the picnic tables outside every time I walk past is such a tease.

  • domrep

    I’m wondering if this is the same beer garden that a couple of my good friends are a part of…sandwiches will be made by the Litteri guys. I could be wrong though…

    • CHGal

      Their names are at the bottom of the letter so it should be easy to tell.

      • domrep

        Don’t know any of those guys. IIRC, the only thing my buddies have mentioned is that they’re working with owners of Ivy and Coney. If I remember right…so it could be the same guys, IDK. My friends would be responsible for the food part of the beer garden.

        • anon

          I’ve heard the owners of Ivy and Coney are working on some kind of beer garden on Kennedy Street.

        • Anon

          These are the KBC people I think.

    • Peyton Sherwood

      A’litteries is by far the best sammich shop in the city, but sadly they are not part of this project. They are very good guys who run an amazing shop. If you don’t know their place you gotta check it out.

  • Great to hear!
    I was thrilled to walk by and see the tags on the apple trees, I think at least on was Macintosh, my favorite!


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