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Update on The Midlands Beer Garden Coming to Park View – New Rendering, Mural and INDIEGOGO Launch

by Prince Of Petworth April 7, 2016 at 10:30 am 27 Comments

Rendering for 3333 Georgia Ave, NW

If you like the new sign/mural get ready to do triple back flips. A long awaited update on Park View’s new beer garden – The Midlands:

Projected Opening is Summer 2016. We are still navigating the DC permitting process to be allowed to start our buildout, but we’re confident that will be over soon. Everything is in place and our contractor is ready to get started as soon as DCRA approves our architect’s drawings. We believe build-out will take no longer than 1 month. The inside will have a “Beer Hall” feel to it. 10 picnic tables (5 on each side) with a large rectangular bar in the middle. We’ll have 6 large screen HDTV’s inside, We’ll be subscribing to direct TV for the NFL ticket and College Football plus many other sports including the Summer Olympics and we’ll also be showing the Presidential Debates.


The mural was designed by Mike Tanoory who is based here in DC. His instagram is @MikeTannory and his website is www.tanoorystudios.com. The mural will be inside the Midlands and span the entire right 40’ wall. It’s a collaboration between The Midlands, PBR, but mainly it’s all Mike’s amazing imagination.

INDIEGOGO: I find it appropriate that on the day we launched our campaign on the same day 83 years ago prohibition ended.

As we navigate DC’s permitting process and prepare for construction we thought we’d try to raise a little extra capital to help our build-out costs and at the same time offer some fun rewards to those who are as excited as we are to get this party started! So, take a look! From glassware and Midlands gear to keg parties and even the opportunity to design your own bathroom! There is something in there for everyone.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and we can’t wait for summertime!
– Robin, Trent, Peyton & Tony”

  • Guillermo Brown

    Summer 2016? Whoa. Please take your time and do it right!

    • B

      This is more or less a temporary business because the entire strip mall will be redeveloped at some point.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Nice! I can’t wait to drop acid, drink craft beers and get stung by bees there in a few months.

    • TheMidlandsDC

      Welcome to the dark side of the beehive.

      • Philippe Lecheval

        In all seriousness, I LOVE that mural. Can’t wait to check it out!

  • petworther

    I generally think crowdfunding for restaurants/bars is a bit of a sham, but a lot of these perks are actually good deals. 10$ for a glass and 1$ off every pint you drink with it? Not bad at all.

    • Ben

      I would be all over that if they stored them on site for you. Like beer halls in Germany where you have a wall of the locals beer mugs.

      • petworther

        Seems like that would be reasonable for the bigger 25$ glasses.

      • We know. We really wanted to do it that way too, but the way we are designing the inside space its just not gonna work.

        • Accountering

          For the sixtel – am I going to be able to get something good? A good IPA perhaps? Not super interested in a sixtel of Bud Light :)

          • Sixtel Choices

            We are working with the distributors now on building an extensive list of varieties and brands.

  • Accountering

    Those are good perks – the $250 for a sixtel is tempting! What a good way to raise funds, this campaign is basically just pre-paying for beers. I like it!

    • Accountering

      With that said, I am normally dead against these things, as they tend to be a sham, but I like this one, and the prices are fair.

      • I agree, this one has good perks.
        I already did the $10 pint glass. Even if I forget it at home, I’ll be close enough that I can run back :)
        I can’t wait to have a nice outdoor drinking spot in the neighborhood.

        • hammers

          I grabbed some glasses for me and my manpanion, so we will join you there! I can see us having many a drink there. Hopefully it’ll be less crowded than DC reynolds.

      • jcm

        Yes, my initial reaction to this and all corporate kickstarters is “I’ll give you capital when you give me equity”, but I just might grab a couple of glasses.

  • anon

    Question- the reserve a table option- are there more restrictions than the 24 hr advance reservation? Are there certain hours/times of day when that won’t be available or is it just for major events (the indiegogo description says you can reserve any night of the week, but sometimes you want to do a bit of day drinking)?

    • TheMidlandsDC

      Nope! Tables will hold 8 folks and you can reserve the for any hour we are open. If it’s a Saturday night at 8p that’s fine! just let us know who’s coming (part of notice) and we’ll make sure the door guys know you’re coming.

      Days like Super Bowl Sunday, holidays etc will be considered blackout dates.

      • TheMidlandsDC

        As for hours we haven’t finalized the hours yet, but are well aware how fun day drinking can be ;-)

  • Anonymous

    Awesome that they are donating to the great community organization, Georgia Avenue Thrive! How many businesses do that type of neighborhood support in a Kickstarter campaign? Not many, well done guys!

  • Sharisse

    I’m assuming they’ve never dealt with DCRA. it can take a year just to approve your drawings and then you need every step of buildout inspected individually before moving on. Sometimes it takes weeks for a scheduled inspection. Basically DCRA is a nightmare and most projects can take from one to two years depending on the size it amount of work/permitting involved. Also there is no walking plans through anymore. Everything must be submitted digitally where it sits on a list until the one person assigned to look at it, gets around to looking at it.

    • Anonymous

      Given they have 2 other bars in the area, I’d imagine they have a clue

    • TheMidlandsDC

      You’re right! And we started this process a looooong time ago ;)

  • The Other Jason

    For $500 I want to plaster pictures of myself all over the bathroom. That way people would see me and be like “you’re the Midland bathroom guy”. Never gonna get laid doing this, but my IG likes will probably go up!

    • TheMidlandsDC

      We know a good printer :)

  • 9thStreetNW

    Summer 2016 would be great but that will be so, so hard with the way DC does things.

    • TheMidlandsDC

      We don’t think the actual buildout will take no longer than 3 to 4 weeks. We’re not going a lot of construction.


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