“This plan is designed to prevent the rash of robberies in the area with the goal to arrest those individuals responsible”

by Prince Of Petworth — September 28, 2016 at 3:45 pm 20 Comments

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A resident reported on the MPD 4D Listserv:

“…2nd night in a row a group of 8 to 10 teens mugged and robbed someone in the 6800 block of 4th street. Tonight they 1st harassed a biker, who managed to get away from them and then beat and robbed a neighbor who was walking home from the Rec. center. They took cell phones, a laptop, clothes, and wallet and ran toward the metro. It is very unsettling because neighbors were on their porches and motion sensor lights in my yard came on but this did not deter the muggers. Both nights it happened around 7:30. Police responded quickly.”

MPD responded:

“Lieutenant Ennis (PSA 401) has put together a plan of action to combat the crime in the Takoma Park Area. This plan is designed to prevent the rash of robberies in the area with the goal to arrest those individuals responsible. We have adjusted our deployment to ensure that officers are in this area, to prevent any criminal activity. Please if you see a large crowd gathering or if you suspect criminal activity please call 911. Remember if you see something say something.”

  • SW 20011

    So what is this plan of action?

    • Denald Drumpf

      Don’t worry, they have a plan. It’s a great plan, it’s going to prevent criminal activity so fast, your head is going to spin. Believe me..

  • Hopefully the plan involves actually prosecuting these idiots if/when they arrest them.

    • anon

      ha. hahahaha. hahahahahhahaha.

    • LadyInBlue63

      Not up to the cops to prosecute… that’s the courts job!!!……..

  • Anons

    In general this is highly unusual for this neighborhood. People in Takoma tend to band together with regards to this behavior and are very vigilant. The likely scenario is the kids are not from the neighborhood. Despite Takoma Park’s hippy reputation, it is hyper vigilant on crime. Watch groups, neighborhood patrols, and a good relationship with the police in general. The police do take a more active role as well than I have seen in other DC neighborhoods I have lived.
    This is not to say crime does not happen here, but rather crime is often swiftly dealt with and often because the community makes a concerted effort to keep the neighborhood safe.

    • CW

      What? Come on Anons. I live in that neighborhood and you are so wrong. People complain and complain and complain about the crime in the neighborhood, but they never actually do anything. Please, give me a break. “Very vigilent?” Calm down.

      • HaileUnlikely

        These are matters of perception. Neither of you is wrong, nor right, for that matter.
        I have lived nearby for 13 years, and walk these blocks frequently. I believe it is accurate to say that a rash of robberies committed by groups of 8-10 people is indeed highly unusual for this neighborhood, under any generally understood interpretation of “highly unusual,” anyway. I also agree that it is likely that these kids are from outside of the neighborhood, given that the last police report indicated that they ran to the metro after.

        • anon

          Something similar happened a year or so back with a group of kids mugging people repeatedly over by the Takoma education campus.

          • HaileUnlikely

            That was two years ago, in spring of 2014. I remember it well. I was one of the victims. Those were groups of 3, not groups of 8-10. They were apprehended fleeing from the scene of their third robbery, and although were probably released in time to be home for dinner, they weren’t any more of those robberies after that.

          • Anon

            @Haile – Out of curiosity, were you ever asked to identify the kids and/or talk to prosecutors? I was another victim, and after going through the whole rigamarole with police/lawyers and identifying 3 kids, we heard nothing for months. We were eventually told they chose not to prosecute because one of the kids was “having trouble at home.” It was odd. In our case it was a group of ~8 kids, 3 of whom were directly involved in the mugging.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Yes, I was asked to identify the kids, in mid- or late-April, about 6-7 weeks after I was robbed. I was shown several photo arrays in which every suspect was photographed from a different angle, some looking up, some looking down, some looking to the side, which made it very difficult to positively identify anybody, and ultimately told the detective that I was unable to make a positive ID. I think one of the kids who was involved in robbing me was included in the photo lineup, but the quality of the pictures was so stunningly poor that I could not in good conscience claim to make a positive ID. In my case, there were two teenage boys directly involved in the mugging, and a third who was considerably older (likely late teens or early 20’s) who appeared to be supervising from a distance (I figured he was there to coach his little buddies and/or defend them if their victim fought back). There was also a group of girls out on the street further down the block, but I had no indication that they were involved in any way (I suppose it is possible that they were indirectly involved, but I have nothing to substantiate that).

          • Anon

            Sounds similar to our situation, but we knew the other kids (a mix of males & females) were indirectly involved b/c we saw them together prior to the mugging, and then the cops caught them together immediately after. Interesting that you mention ‘coaching’ because that’s exactly what it seemed like to us.

            Anyway, we were told that the males were not from the neighborhood.


    • Brightwoodian

      Really????? How do I proactively deal with 8-10 teenagers mugging me on my walk home from the metro ? Way to post something helpful. And BTW always texting in caps speaks volumes about you as a person.

  • Pixie

    Damn that’s scary. I always walk my dog around here at this time and there’s usually a good amount of foot traffic from the metro, bus stops and rec center, but now I’m thinking of changing my route.

  • ohhi

    Did this happen two or three nights in a row? I’ve seen other reports indicating that there were three separate incidents, but it wasn’t clear if that was counting the two attempts on the second night.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Three. Sunday on Van Buren (right in front of The aquatic center), Monday and Tuesday on 6800 block of 4th.

      • ohhi

        Thanks for the clarification. That’s nearly inexcusable policing.


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