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  • Duponter

    See. All the people who complain about the flyers everywhere, take note.

    Now, I wish they could find that little dog that went missing in Mt. Pleasant or wherever that escaped out of the house and was seen being snatched by a woman in a car. Did they ever find that dog? It still bothers me when I think about it.

    • Anon3

      Unfortunately, no. Lexington is still missing.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Hooray! What fantastic news!!!! So basically, this pup was definitely stolen, as it was wearing fake tags and stuff and just found by a good Samaritan who then helped track the real owner down? Just a friendly psa, please everyone, consider getting your dog or cat chipped!

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Also, if you have a dog that is easily spooked or likes to flee, you can get GPS collars to help track them quickly.

  • anoNE

    This really makes my day. Glad you’re home, Geoffrey.

  • hungeegirl


  • SinSA


  • V

    Awwwww, so happy for y’all!

  • Anon

    I’m so glad to hear this awesome news!!! People who steal other people’s pets can die a slow, miserable death.

    • Hill Denizen

      Seriously. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of pups out there in need of a home.

      • Frank

        That is if you want a mutt or a pit bull.

        • BRKLND

          There are literally thousands of purebred breed specific rescues…so if you are so inclined that you absolutely need to have a dog that is not a mutt or a pitty there are still plenty of pups that still need homes.

  • Cam

    Love happy endings, especially when they involve reuniting with lost pets!

  • gee

    Welcome home, Geoffrey. Bet you’re gonna’ get a gps soon

  • LedroitTigah

    You know, my mother had a saint Bernard when she was a young girl. the dog was a VERY cute puppy, and someone stole him from their front yard one afternoon. The family was devastated. However, not 7 months later, they came home to find their dog back in the front yard! By then, the dog was fully grown, and eating like a garbage can full of food each day. The family suspects that whoever stole him as a puppy couldn’t afford to feed him as a big ass dog 😉

  • ET


    Puppy home.

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    YES. I think of him every time I walk pass your house and wonder if he ever made it home.


  • JoDa

    I experienced something disturbing about a week ago, and it seems relevant to post here. I was out in the yard with my dog and was just out of view of our gates (which were both closed when this started) scooping when I heard the gate latch click. I didn’t think much of it, thinking it was a neighbor coming in/going out the front gate or bringing their dog out into the yard (there are separate gates, and my dog gets along with all the dogs in the building). When I rounded toward the gates, both the front gate and the yard gate were open (the front one propped with a rock since it closes on its own), and a few kids I’ve never seen before were standing a few feet away from the front gate whispering to each other. At the time, my dog was within my line of sight, but situated such that the kids could have seen him but not me from where they were standing. They screamed and ran when they saw me. I wonder if they weren’t trying to steal him…it’s the only explanation that makes sense since no neighbors were in sight who would have propped the front gate to carry stuff inside and, even if that was how the front gate ended up propped, a neighbor wouldn’t have opened the yard gate. I could see it being similar to bike thefts, where kids steal dogs and get a few bucks from adults who sell them. My dog won’t leave the yard without my permission (even for walks on leash he has to sit at the gate and wait for me to say “go” before exiting the yard), but I’m now extremely alert to the sounds of the gate/being in a position to see it unless my dog is RIGHT next to me! The oldest of the kids looked to be about 13, and could probably pick him up with enough time to think of that (he’s only 16 pounds).
    Yet another thing it seems like we have to be on high alert for…

    • I think he was stolen from their front yard. From what I remember of the story he was outside by himself and was a friendly pup. Maybe the folks who stole him decided he was too much to handle. Either way, it’s disgusting and one of my biggest fears, which is why I won’t leave my pup tied outside when I run into a store. Too many crazy and malicious people out there.

      • JoDa

        I was just noting that it seemed that I might have experienced an attempted theft of dog recently, even though I was out in the yard with my dog. We have a weirdly triangle-shaped yard where sight lines are odd, but there was no reason for both the yard gate to be open and the front gate to be propped open other than some funny business. Given that, please be extra-careful about your dog, even if you’re *right* there. If my dog could be easily lured out of the yard, he could have been long gone by the time I realized the gates were opened!

    • Truxtoner

      This is a big fear or mine (even though I don’t have one of those designer dogs that are often the target of theft, but worry also about my dog being snatched as bait for dogfights). I’ve asked my dog walker, who likes to do pack walking with other dogs, to never leave mine tied up outside alone while he goes in to retrieve other dogs. I see dogwalkers do that all the time and am always surprised by it. I hope mine listens.

  • Lori

    Oh my goodness! This is amazing news.

  • BJE

    He’s seen a thing or two during his travels, and would now like to be called Geoff.

    • houseintherear


  • cg

    Yaaay! This makes me so happy. Literally brought tears to my eyes.

    • anonymous

      me too!!! we met geoffrey at the dog park once or twice and i was sooooo sad when i read about this before. so glad he made it home!


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