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Man Shot at a Bus stop in Petworth just before 6:30pm

by Prince Of Petworth September 30, 2016 at 8:41 pm 6 Comments


Readers report:

“A neighbor told be a car rolled up along 8th and Crittenden streets NW, slowed down, fired off seven shot, and sped away.”


“5-6 shots heard on the corner of 8th st NW and Crittenden around 6:20pm. Second shooting in the same area in less than a month. Police on the scene now.”

MPD reports:

“Members recieved a call for sounds of gunshots in the area of Sherman Circle. Shell casings were located in the 700 block of Crittenden. Adult male victim states he was shot at the bus stop at 8th and Crittenden where he sustained one gunshot wound to his right leg. He then borded a metrobus and told the bus operator that he had been shot. The bus operator then drove him to the 3900 block of Georgia Ave for their safety.

Investigation is ongoing.”

  • kallie

    I saw this bus being escorted by police and stop at the corner of Georgia and NH – I was really curious what was going on. Good on the bus driver for thinking quickly like that.

  • Oneida

    What bus line was this?

    • DF

      Likely the 62/63 that comes down Kansas. Live a few blocks away and home at the time with windows open. Didn’t hear anything. Scary though!

  • Marty

    that area of Crittenden – 7th to GA Ave, and up at least a block or two to Decatur or Delafield has always been a little rough.

    • FB

      Its getting a lot better. The drug house between 9th and Georgia was shut down finally after someone was shot in it. Since then its been quieter.

  • M20011

    Damn. If I read this correctly, the shooter was aiming in the general direction of Sherman Circle, in the early evening after crummy weather – aka prime time for the circle to be filled with runners, folks out with their dogs, and kids.


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