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  • Eric

    Good old DC, home of the worst drivers in the world.

    • James W.

      Not sure about that. It is, however, home to the rampant construction and sidewalk closures. Gotta wonder why only a flimsy chain link fence stands between the public and a 40 foot deep open pit that covers a city block.

      • Ideas Guy

        Just a guess, but maybe because to get to the pit you would need ro drive off the road and well onto the sidewalk? A little common sense.

      • JohnH

        While not saying it’s ok, that’s not a DC thing re: chain link fence. A quick Google search found one example in NYC:
        “A Toyota S.U.V. ran off the road and fell about 40 feet into a construction pit on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn on Wednesday”

      • AnotherNYTransplant

        Interesting. Because what I am wondering about is “why was this person driving on the sidewalk? That’s where pedestrians and errant bicycles go, not cars at all.”

        Plus, if you actually looked at the picture, the car was stopped by an additional fence at the edge of the pit.

        • +1, let’s not over-protect society from it’s own stupidity.

          • *its, rather…pre-coffee posting

        • derp derp

          What happens if a car gets hit in the intersection and gets pushed up unto the curb? Do they deserve to go over the edge? What if the person has a heart attack or some other medical emergency behind the wheel? Just because the car ended up on the sidewalk does not mean they were driving down it on purpose.

          • ExWalbridgeGuy

            If you can find me an example of someone having a heart attack and accidentally driving into an open pit, then we can have a discussion of this. Until then, let’s remember that reckless drivers actually kill dozens of people in DC every single year. It’s a miracle that this driver didn’t kill someone too. DC has an actual problem of humans dying from horrible drivers and does not have an issue of people having heart attacks and driving into open pits.

          • Clintingsa

            This car crashed into the Adams Morgan McDonald’s a few years ago because of a heart attack. It’s not that uncommon that a medical emergency leads to static driving.


          • dunning-kruger

            Macho Man Randy Savage crashed into a tree while having the heart attack which killed him (the heart attack, not the tree).

          • “what if someone has a heart attack while driving near a busy intersection”
            I would guess that falling into a pit where only they are injured, rather than crashing into other cars or pedestrians, is the least damaging scenario.

        • brantshali

          My wife and I were around the corner from this when it happened. Best I can tell is that a cab headed north on 10th and turning left across traffic onto NY Ave turned in front of a car headed south on 10th crossing NY Ave. The southbound car (the one hanging into the abyss), skidded, hit the passenger side of the cab and then swerved (either intentionally or like a bumper car) onto the sidewalk and (thankfully) not into said abyss.

      • Babadook

        There are also high tension steel cables (which prevented the car from falling into the pit) which you can’t see very well in the picture.

    • JohnH

      Maybe not world, but in the US would be a contender. Speaking of this area, now that 9th southbound has a lane shift over 1 block due to the other hotel construction a block north of the Marriott Marquis, it’s funny slash terrifying to see the number of cars that do not pay attention to the lanes shifting and just keep going straight into a whole different lane. There’s lane markings, including a bright yellow double line, yet 90% of drivers just keep going like whatever. Just today, two cabs (shocking) almost collided there and one veered away and almost hit an oncoming car. It’s really not complicated people.

    • India

      If you think DC has some of the worst drivers in the world, you don’t get out much!

      • Traveler

        I have lived in several countries that qualify as third-world. These are places that often don’t have roads as we understand them, and certainly don’t have traffic lights or signs. Guess what? DC drivers are worse than maybe one of those places. MD drivers were worse than all.

        • Anon

          What is your definition of worse?

      • JoDa

        I’ve never been to India, but I’ve heard stories! China also qualifies as solidly more terrifying. However, in both of those cases, I will argue that speeds tend to be lower, if just by sheer congestion, so most (not all, by all means…I’ve seen some really brutal crashes on Chinese highways) crashes tend to be less severe. And some “developing” or “third-world” (pick your term) countries have figured out a way to make their roads EXTREMELY safe precisely because they tend to be used by mixed users. Vietnam, in particular, gets people to follow (very low) speed limits pretty well, and we should probably ask them what they’re doing so well.

    • Clintingsa

      Yeah, I’ve never understood this “worst drivers” rep for DC. As a frequent pedestrian, there’s a rhythm here in which people tend to look out for pedestrians and bikes, give them the right of way, which I appreciate.

      Walking in Phoenix or Dallas or other such sprawl cities, they behave like cars should have preference and it’s very, very dangerous to try walking anywhere.

      On highways, DC area drivers tend to be slower than, for example, large Great Lakes cities, where 85 mph in traffic can be pretty normal.

      South American and developing country driving is utterly nuts compared to anything in the US. No comparison.

      So, aside from Maryland drivers, who are consistently bad for some reason, DC drivers are pretty tame.

      • Bort

        Please pass whatever it is you are on in this direction, my friend! I need to feel this “rhythm” you speak of and acquire whatever magical powers you have that suddenly make drivers in this city aware of anything other than themselves and whatever they are doing in their car (which is often not “driving” in the traditional sense).

        • Clintingsa

          I would recommend walking around central DC neighborhoods and downtown. Pay attention to how frequently cars wait for you in a crosswalk. Not always, but if you walk out they’ll stop most of the time.

          I also travel a lot for work, so get a plethora of perspectives from different cities to compare. Exceor maybe in New York, I never feelas safe walking around other cities.

          • Bort

            I am realizing too late that I took the bait here hook, line and sinker. You win. Bonus points for “they’ll stop most of the time.”

          • Ampersand

            I literally laughed out loud at “if you walk out they’ll stop most of the time.”

          • Clintingsa

            Laugh away but we don’t live in a world of absolutes so if I said “cars always stop” you’d point to that time at that place with that guy.

            I’ll clarify – cars give way to pedestrians at such a consistent basis in DC that I am comfortable walking into busy intersections when I have the right of way without fearing for my life.

            That is not true in other cities.

        • dunning-kruger

          So are you offering any kind of counter experience with other locales or just snarky group think combined with omniscient driver mind reading?
          Amazingly, pedestrians are guilty of basically the same thing which I get a kick out of for some reason. I drive a lot for work and often encounter people standing on corners absorbed in their phones while I wait for them to cross. Eventually I figure out that they are not crossing and begin to turn/go through the stop sign, this is when they inevitably step off the curb without looking, get startled, and glare at me and I just crack up everytime because “everyone is stupid but me” should be on every millenial’s headstone especially Darwin award winners.
          I get that if you never drive you’re always the vulnerable party but for the most part the driver/pedestrian relationship in DC is actually very good compared to the rest of the world/country.

          • Bort

            Experience in other locales? Snarky group think? What are you talking about? You’ve been hanging out with Clint, haven’t you.

      • AsAMother

        The drivers aren’t necessarily bad, the problem is that because this is such a transient city, you have people from all over the country and the world even all with their own driving cultures coming to DC, and literally colliding.

        Where they are bad though are their sense of entitlement. Any thread either here or on reddit regarding conflicts between drivers, bikers, and pedestrians, and the drives come out A RAGING over that one time where a biker failed to stop at the 4 way stop. Nevermind the fact that the biker didn’t actually cause any problems, but how dare the biker not follow the rules of the road when the driver has to? Of course they ignored the 20 moving violations that they themselves committed on that drive alone, and all the moving violations that every car around them on their drive committed. Why ignore them? Because they’re used to them, and they have some sort of justification or excuse for every violation they committed. Just how dare somebody on two wheels or two feet come within miles of their precious car.

  • FridayGirl

    [insert parks & rec joke here]

    • JoshL

      I fell in the pit!

    • Kevin


  • west_egg

    Maryland plates?
    /s (kinda)

    • An unfortunate tragedy that the accident damaged the plates to the point of unrecognition.


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