Where to Donate an old mattress and box spring? A very large collection of books?

by Prince Of Petworth August 15, 2016 at 2:15 pm 31 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Erinn Shirley

“Dear PoPville,

I recently downsized and have an extra queen size mattress, box spring and bed frame in storage. I see people complaining on the 311 app all the time about mattresses just being dumped in alleys and on street corners but wanted to see if there was a better way to dispose of them. Ideally, I want to donate everything and have an organization pick it up before I resort to the old standbys like Craigslist. Would love to hear what other PoPville readers have done!”


Where can I donate a very large collection of books? Most all in very good condition, subjects from how-to, history, travel, science, nature, etc. I would like to find a place to take the whole collection if possible”

  • J

    Bed to A Wider Circle, http://awidercircle.org/

  • Anon

    A wider circle – they even accept window ac units!

  • HaileUnlikely

    If the mattress and boxspring are in respectable condition, I recommend donating to A Wider Circle – they can even come to your house to pick it up. They’re pretty strict about condition, though – if it has rips/tears/stains/etc, they probably won’t take it.

  • Mountain of Pleasant

    This is a great cause: http://dcbookstoprisoners.org/donate-books and inside DC

    • Dana

      Came here to say Books to Prisoners!

    • mdtodc

      Ive never heard of this until now and it looks so great!

  • James

    Contact the DC Library and ask what branch is accepting donations.

  • victoria

    Books are difficult. They are heavy, bulky and somewhat redundant these days. I’ve had success by just putting them out on the sidewalk on a Saturday morning with a big “free” sign. (Also post them on CL – free – curb alert.)

    • Mike

      Books are…redundant? Redundant to what?

      • Anon Spock

        The internet. There is a YouTube video covering any how to book, for example.
        [I’m sure she means books covering the listed topics]

      • skj84

        I would’t necessary say books are redundant, it just seems more people are converting to digital means to read? I can download books on my phone, e-reader, or laptop. But there are still a lot of people who are anti e-reader, or can’t read off a bright screen.

        • CHGal

          Believe it or not, there are also people in this world who don’t have e-readers or laptops.

  • Effie

    It can be hard to give away mattress/box springs, but I got a pretty good deal off my friend who was moving and I trusted them enough to know that the mattress was in pretty good condition.

  • AntiAlias

    For the books, have you tried calling up Turning the Page? They take donations of used books to sell, and they do it for a good cause.

  • skj84

    Was coming to suggest Books for America in Dupont Circle, but they have closed! They would do bulk books too. I don’t suppose there is a way to donate them to schools throughout the area? Or prison libraries.

  • Hookdntx

    Books wise, I usually just look for the free little librarys and take 5-10 of them with me on my commute and drop them in. Its not the most efficient but at least its on the way.

    you can find the locations here: https://littlefreelibrary.org/

  • N

    For books do DC Books to Prison!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I’ve had lots of luck with DC Freecycle. If the person really wants it they will come and pick it up.

  • stevee84

    DC libraries do not accept book donations, Arlington libraries do. Once a year you can donate books to the friends of the DC library for their sale.

    • anon hill east

      That’s not exactly true. DC libraries don’t accept used books, but the Friends of the Library groups at most branches do. Some drop-off points are in the library; some are on people’s porches. Some accept donations year-round; some have set times. Check with your local group.

    • James

      That is not true. You just have to contact them to find out which specific locks accepting books at this time.

      • James

        * location is

  • Books!

    Salvation army will accept (and pick up! you can schedule online) any and all books. Most book donation places I looked at had quite stringent requirements. Seemed like too much of a hassle to me.

  • books

    Books for America is still around, and they will come to your house and take what they want. We just had them out a few months back. You have to set up an appointment. They have specific guidelines because they won’t take certain things, but all that info is here:


    They took some DVDs we had too. We’ve done this twice with them – the first time they took 225 books out of 230 something, and most recently 247 out of 263. It’s GREAT. We make it easy for them though, and put all the books they can go through and take in one section. We couldn’t find anyone to take them all.

  • k

    GreenDrop (gogreendrop.com) will pick up books

  • NoMaRes
  • Meghan

    Better World Books is another option – http://www.betterworldbooks.com/go/donate

  • e

    I had tried to arrange a pickup for A Wider Circle but it’s a two month wait. If you have the means, you can drop it off.

  • anonacostia

    Craigslist free section. I gave away a box spring earlier this year and multiple people contacted me within hours. They picked it up, and it was almost zero hassle for me.

  • V

    Totally off topic, but that photo is GORGEOUS

  • textdoc

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