Shots Fired in Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park 10:45pm Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth August 15, 2016 at 1:55 pm 14 Comments

shots fired
via google maps

From MPD:

“At approximately 10:45 p.m., MPD Officer responded to the area of 2nd/S Street Northwest, for the sounds of gunshots. During the canvass, 2 shell casings were found in the 1800 block of 2nd Street Northwest. No property damage or injured individuals were found. A dark colored vehicle possibly Crown Vic drove away quickly after the sounds of gunshots travelling N/B on 2nd Street.

Any persons with information regarding this crime may contact the Fifth District Detectives’ Office at 202-698-0260, or the MPD Command Information Center at 202-727-9099. CCN: 16-136-302

Persons with information may also anonymously text via cell phone to 50411.”

  • anon_bdale

    Can we get Wiedefeld as police chief? At least he’ll actually *try* to do something about crime. Bloomingdale is out of control.

  • BloomingdaleNeighbor

    Dude – slow down. I remember back to the years leading up to Chief Lanier with the names like Larry Soulsby and Chuck Ramsey – she is an amazing Chief on the public facing side of the coin…unfortunately many of the rank and file cops hate her for tightening the reigns on a force that had out of control spending with horrible statistics – while there has been an uptick on murders in the last few years we are still talking a fraction of what we experienced under the previous few Chiefs.

    Yes, she is a politician and yes things can improve in dealing with things like the crime upticks in Bloomingdale (oh I should mention I live in the Southeast corner of the 2nd and S intersection where this happened last night)…but this is very similar to the crime spikes we saw when Shaw was turning a corner (lived there previously and went through a decade of shootings and other quality of life crimes – Chief Lanier and her team were ALWAYS there to help). On whole, the MPD is a fantastic org and when we see issues where we are unhappy we need to call the likes of Kenyan “I want to be Mayor” McDuffie to the table to do more than throw money at “potential criminals” to deter them from committing crimes – this is more about budget cuts than lack of policing and this is the fault of the City Council…we also need to call out the US Attorney who seems to waive the white flag before they even bring suspects to court.

    Last night was a bit weird – a house party was going on…my wife heard a loud argument and the folks in the argument sped off about 10 mins before very loud gunshots (I would say a .45 but may be wrong with the echo that sometimes happens). My only critique of the MPD is they might want to deal with loud parties (and crazy neighbors who blare music from 8 am until 11 pm – only folks on my block will get the point of this one) and other issues proactively.

  • anon neighbor

    This is usually a pretty quiet block – any idea which house it was from/around? There’s usually a parked police cruiser on 1st and Seaton Pl, so maybe they’ll start making loops…

    • BloomingdaleNeighbor

      Agree on the quiet block outside of the hoarder. The real issues seem to be on 3rd and S (the endge of two districts so rarely patrolled) between the BP and the “bbq restaurant” that never seems to be serving food – there are issues. The parked cruiser at 1st and Seaton is for another district not the 5th – an officer lives in one of the buildings on 1st (not sure which one). With that being said the roll call post for the PSA is at 1st and Seaton – would love to see them move over to the BP station to deal with the nonsense that seems to be never ending.

      • Anon

        I think the neighbor was talking about the on-duty cop that’s often stationed by Red Hen, not about the cop that lives in that Mars Attacks house in the corner.

  • NotThePartyHouse

    As someone who lives in the three story corner building and heard the gunshots last night, I can attest that it was not our building having the party, the walls are so thin I can hear the person on the first floor sneeze. I think you are referring to the house that is next to us, on 2nd St. I can usually hear them partying till late in the evening and I have seen the cops called on them before.

    • BloomingdaleNeighbor

      As I tried to convey (albeit poorly) I did not hear the party but was conveying what my neighbor told me. If you heard anything you might want to let MPD know

  • Blmdle

    I heard the shots and called it in to the cops, then spoke with them when they arrived. I mistakenly said it was the white apartment building on the corner, but it was actually 1803, the house right next to it, like you’ve all been saying. The cops went to the right house, thankfully, and then canvassed for casings. I didn’t realize at the time that they found any. Pretty sure it was a 9mm, not a .45. If it had been a .45, I don’t think I’d have had the nerve to run outside to see what happened.


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