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Update: Listing Pulled. Queen Vic “Restaurant + Building” For Sale on H Street

by Prince Of Petworth August 4, 2016 at 10:40 am 32 Comments

queen vic
1206 H Street, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending from Biz Buy Sell (Ed. Note: That website took my photo above but I am in no way affiliated with them.) Update: The listing has been pulled.

“Phenomenal opportunity for an owner/operator to purchase a beloved and massively successful local Restaurant. Permitted, Licensing, and PROFITABLE operation sold with C2A Fully Renovated Building on DC’s hottest corridor. Thousands of new residential units under construction in immediate vicinity. Consistently ranked one of DC’s best Soccer bars and some of DC’s best food. Operational and financing assistance available.”

Asking price is not listed…

  • kapitolhill



  • Girl on a Hill

    I love the Queen Vic…hopefully it retains its charm with new owners :(

    • MtP

      Agreed, its a great bar.

    • The owners and staff are what make it the bar it is. The food has always been great and some of the best value in DC, but even if they served nothing but Guinness I would go for the staff.

      • Derek

        Oh man the best food; Love whatever is on the chalk board. Full English, Sunday Roast, Charbroiled Oysters…

  • H St Resident

    Hmmmm….this after the Argonaut….I wonder what is going on….

    • Anon

      OG owners trying to cash out. Running a bar takes a LOT of work during all sorts of odd hours. I’m guessing the owners simply decided to “retire”.

  • JoDa

    The Vic has been on the market for a while. A friend brought this to my attention at least a few months ago.

  • titus pullo

    Damn, my Liverpool bar. Either Ryan and his wife are leaving the country or the Whole Foods has just completely changed the market on H St and it is a good time to get out.

    • Dadric

      Agreed. The Vic’s food was secretly fantastic and (like Argonaut) had a great atmosphere but wasn’t particularly trendy so it tended to be frequented by neighborhood folks.

      If The Vic and Argonaut both closed, The Pug would be about the only thing keeping me from looking for a new neighborhood.

      • Trinidaddy

        I misread and thought you said Argonaut’s food was good…oh no no good sir!

  • me

    Aww. That used to be my hangout…when H street was cool…lol (that’ll get some discussion going). Tuesdays were my night. I remember watching election returns for Obama’s re-election. Good times, good times. In the beginning the fish n chips was the best in the city. And the soups were always on point. Good bye old friend.

    • I’m curious where you’ve found in DC that offers a better fish and chips? (not arguing, genuinely asking)

      • P. Lecheval

        It’s not IN the city, but I think Eamonn’s in Old Town Alexandria has the best fish and chips around.

        • I loved going to Eamonn’s when I lived down there, so I wouldn’t argue too hard with that. I prefer QV fish, but Eamonn’s might have them on the chips. Although the Fishwich (I forget if that’s what it’s called) at Eamonn’s is truly outstanding.

      • WreckedEm

        Codmother actually has really excellent fish n chips.

    • Dadric

      Haha, H Street still has some great spots if you know where to go, but I certainly get what you’re saying. The trend lines aren’t favorable, as they say.

      • Anon

        And their first album was better!

  • Listing removed. The Vic and Toki are two of the “soul” reasons we bought a house on the near-H Street side of Capitol Hill. With the current drama going on at Toki, compounded by this, it’s been a very sad summer. BTW the link above no longer works.

    • Anon

      I haven’t been to Toki ever since I caught whif of their petty nonsense. Too bad, as they make my favorite broth in the city, but they’re no longer the only game in town to get my ramen fix. The two owners sure mucked up a good thing.

      • Toki was, for a long time, my favorite restaurant in the city. However you could always tell a noticeable dip in quality if Erik wasn’t around supervising. I will happily take the dollars I would have spent there and continue to spend them at Maketto.

        • Anon

          Yup, same here. Erik’s clearly the star who deserves all the credit.

      • fka Shawess

        Can I ask what the owner drama was? If it was posted here before, I totally missed it.

        • I don’t know if it’s been covered here, but since it likely won’t let me paste the links just search for “Erik Bruner-Yang lawsuit” for all sorts of stories.

        • Anon

          In short, two partners felt left out because Erik was getting all the great press and future collaboration opportunities and nobody had much interest in working with them as well. (Which makes sense, as Erik was the one responsible for all the great food, etc. – his new collaborators already had the business-side part down already.) As such, two bitter Toki partners sued. There’s a City Paper article with some further details if you’re curious.

          • fka Shawess

            Ah. I actually know some of the back story of this, but just didn’t realize it got covered in the press and my take on it is pretty different. Basically, I think the LLC had a somewhat informal agreement that they made before realizing how well the business would do. And when Toki blew up, there was no legal roadmap for how to deal with expansion, rights, etc., so it makes sense that there would be disagreement and bitterness. It sucks that it came down to this, but it’s not very surprising.

          • Lisa

            That sounds simplistic and naive. Shawess has a more realistic take.

  • It better stay a Scouser bar!

    • Igor Biscan

      Low lie the fields of Anfield Road
      Where once we watched the great King Kenny Play Play
      Steve Heighway on the wing
      Gave us dreams and songs to sing
      Now there’s glory round the fields of Anfield Road

  • Trinidaddy

    False scuttlebutt!!!!

    Love the Vic.

  • Chris

    From their Facebook: Calm Down Everyone – we are NOT selling The Queen Vic. We were thinking of moving back to the UK a couple of years ago, but have since decided to stay in DC (mostly thanks to all our loyal and awesome regulars and staff). So please ignore the rumors, and tell your friends so we stop getting a million threatening/crying/angry texts. Thanks for all of your support though!!!

    • divebar311

      thank GOD I love Ryan! Long live the VIC!


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