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  • Hookdntx

    I wish they would branch out into other quadrants in the city

    • Brentwood

      Given their target demographic (people who have an extra $200 to drop to be a member), I can see why they’re doing a slow roll out in high-income areas, first.

      • Maiden of Mount Pleasant

        Most BCBS members are eligible for a fee waiver. Getting the membership fee waived is as easy as calling or emailing. I say this as a a One Medical member who hasn’t spent a dime on membership for 3+ years.

        • Brentwood

          Very true. I tried to resist the BCBS program at first, because I’d been scarred by my previous HMO doing too much “health managing” that I wanted to really just leave to my doctor, but the staff at One did all the calls to BCBS to make sure I would get zero calls from BCBS, and they would still waive the fee (and, to their credit, it has worked).

      • siz

        yes to the BCBS waiver, and also – if you have another reason you can’t pay (just can’t afford it), you can tell them that and they are very willing to waive the fee.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Not so much high-income areas even, more large employment centers; this seems to be their first location that does not appear to be placed mainly for the convenience of downtown office-workers for ease of going to appointments in the middle of the workday.

  • Anonymous

    Is this a “tech” company that just happens to be a doctor’s office that allows you to make an appointment with an app?

    • Amber

      I’ve preferred the service with them compared to other providers I’ve had in the past (I was with Kaiser for about 5 years, and I had some specialists but no primary care doctor when I switched to Aetna insurance). Like, you only see one provider during your visit, instead of the nurse-then-doctor route; I feel like they take more time to listen to what’s bothering you, rather than running down a check list of “things you should care about at your age” (my big complaint with Kaiser), they’re always on time, but manage their schedule in a way that doesn’t make you feel rushed (my big complaint with my specialists), they do their blood-draws in house (but the added cost to not to go to labcorps/quest is part of the membership fee, so you don’t pay extra at the time of the tests), and they are actually responsive to email (as opposed to providing email addresses, then responding to everything with “call the office”), and I’ve been able to drop my old specialists because they can handle everything in house for me.

      • Anon Spock

        +1 to all of this. They’re also very good about getting you in on short notice. Very happy to have them as my primary.

      • LittleBluePenguin

        Yeah, they’re pretty fantastic. Part of me struggled with the moral/ethical quandry of paying for what should be basics, i.e. a doctor, but the other part of me has so many moving pieces and specialists that i already have to keep track of that I wanted something easy to manage and who would be a partner in helping me manage all my sh#t. And they’re great. They really do see themselves as partners in your health care, not just script-writers or pill-pushers. I can’t say enough good things about them.

    • MCR

      My favorite part of the office too is that some of them stay open very late. A few months ago I experienced a minor but painful injury late in the day that I would have otherwise gone to the emergency room for, but I was able to get an appointment at 9:30 PM that night. They have appointments fairly early in the morning too, and you can go to any one of the locations in DC and see any provider so you can schedule at your convenience.

  • J

    Great addition to the neighborhood. One Medical Group is really fantastic.

  • MtP

    Just want to second the positive reviews of One. The first doctors office I have experienced that really puts the patient’s needs first. It is just so easy in every way and actually encourages you to go to the doctor. Candidly, some of the doctors are a bit to “holisitic” for me, but you just need to find someone you like within the group (which I have) and you will not regret signing up.

  • philz

    is nobody going to point out that the headline makes it sounds like One Medical is opening a coffee shop.

  • One Medical Group member

    I’ve been a member for a year and a half, and I don’t really see the point of One Medical Group. It seems they’re only good for the annual checkup. Can anyone else explain to me the appeal of One Medical Group?

    • PetworthMom

      We love One Medical for a few things: the ease of getting appointments, in-house lab work, longer appointments, not rushing.

      Just yesterday, my husband went on the app at 6am to get an appointment for a 5-day long illness. He had an appointment at 8:30am. He didn’t wait more than 5 minutes when he arrived. I’ve had similar experiences too, like when I developed the flu in the spring.

      They’ve also been really great in helping manage a litany of specialists. (I have several chronic health conditions.) I have my specialists send all my reports to my PCP, and he keeps a giant file of everything. If I need it in the future, I only have one doctor that I need to contact.

      They also respond quickly via email or through the app to questions.

      We get a fee waiver as a BCBS customer, but we’d gladly pay the money every year.

  • lizcolleena

    So I spoke with them a couple years ago and it seems they didn’t… does anyone know if they provide ob services?

    • Brentwood

      That is one thing they don’t have on staff – they’ll do a lot of general gyn care, but refer out for OB.


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