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More Street Lights Out in Mount Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth August 22, 2016 at 2:50 pm 7 Comments

street lamps out

A reader passes on an update from August 11th’s report, as was the case then, I’m not attaching all the photos of lamps out but I vouch they were in the original email.

“Director Dormsjo:

I had the opportunity last night to go out after 10 pm to walk the neighborhood I live in – Mt. Pleasant. I did a cursory survey of streetlights being out in the residential section. I did not survey the alleys and did not walk every block though I believe I was able to get to many streets; walking for about 2 hours.

I found 11 streetlights out, and 1 was out and only came on after I came close to it (walking up the steps of the adjacent house to get the address). Pictures of most of them (one with 2 out) are included.

Key concerns are:

a dozen streetlights out
3 streetlights out at the corner of Mt. Pleasant and Park Road NW
2 streetlights out in the 1900 block of Lamont Street NW
several sidewalk stretches were very dark owing to streetlights being out

Locations are as follows:

West side of Adams Mill Road by Rock Creek Park, at Kenyon Street NW

On Kenyon Street NW at Mt. Pleasant, adjacent to 3146 Mt. Pleasant Street NW

1714 Irving Street NW

1673 Park Road (at Mt. Pleasant Street)

2 streetlights directly across from 1673 Park Road NW, one facing Mt. Pleasant Street NW and the other facing Park Road NW

1900 Lamont Street NW – at alley

1931 Lamont Street NW

1822 Park Road NW

1936 Park Road NW

1700 Newton Street NW (side of 1663 Newton, came on after approaching it by climbing adjacents steps and getting on porch near it)

Hobart Street at Irving, by side of 1826 Irving Street NW

Several questions would be:

When was the complete night time survey of Streetlights in Mt. Pleasant – streets and alleys?
When can it be expected these streetlights will be checked and confirmed working properly at night?

Thank you for your efforts.”

  • anon

    I reported a streetlight out in this neighborhood (Adams Mill at Harvard) through 311’s website and it was fixed within two days. Yes, it would be nice if the city would take the initiative to do this, but since they are clearly failing, it seems like the OP could solve the problem in a much shorter time but just submitting a 311 request.

    • KP

      I reported three alley lights out behind my house (it was DARK back there) and they were replaced in about a week? I found the process fairly painless, just get the pole number and call 311.

  • Herewegoagain

    I’d like to know how to get mine shaded so it doesn’t shine into my bedroom. I called 311 but nothing happened, even though they said they would do something.

    • Anonymous

      It’s been a few years, but I think we put in a request online and it was painted in a surprisingly short amount of time thereafter…maybe less than 2 weeks later? Basically, someone comes out and spray paints the half of the light cover that faces your house with black paint. If you had a tall enough ladder and the initiative to do it yourself, you could always try that.

  • Mch

    Has anyone had experience about getting a streetlight painted? The ones on my block are rusted out and would be gorgeous with a coat of paint. It’s illegal to do it yourself, right?

    • J

      I would like to know this as well. I put in a request to the one in front of my house, which is all rusty, over two months ago but nothing has been done.

  • DoctorDoom

    I reported a few on the 311 app. The status has bee changed to “completed” even though nothing has been. To 311’s credit, they did remove the sofa someone dumped on my lawn within a week of being reported.


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