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“Over 30 streetlights out after dark in the upper 14th Street corridor in Columbia Heights”

street light out
Ed. Note: I’m not attaching all the photos of lamps out but I vouch they were in the original email

A reader passes on a letter sent to the Mayor’s Office:

“I went out again last night, August 10th, to review the locations where I had observed streetlights out the night before. I went east on Park Road NW from 16th Street to 14th Street, NW; headed south to Columbia Road, then proceeded north along 14th Street NW. I extended my walk further north to Arkansas, then went east to Georgia Avenue before returning on Arkansas west to 16th Street, north to Newton Street, east to 17th / Mt. Pleasant Street.

My observations are listed below as to what locations I observed
streetlights out and the time. Some key points are:

– Over 30 streetlights out after dark in the upper 14th Street corridor in
Columbia Heights
– 3 streetlights out in immediate proximity to where the fatal homicide
occurred last week in the 3500 block of 14th St. NW
– 3 streetlights out on Arkansas Ave NW on the north side of Peoples’
Congregational Church, UCC
– 3 streetlights out at the intersection of Park Road NW and Mt. Pleasant
Street NW

I did not observe any repair work being done during my walk.

Location of Streetlights Out Time Observed

1519 Park Road NW 9:10
Opposite 1519 Park Road NW 9:10 pm
1448 Park Road NW 9:12
1426 Park Road NW 9:13
On Park, side of 3100 14th St NW 9:13 pm – side
of 3 Letena Restaurant
3 at 3100 14th Street NW 9:17 pm –
front of Modell’s, Payless, and Bed Bath & Beyond
3101 14th Street NW 9:17
pm – in front of BB&T bank
3029 14th Street NW 9:20
3023 14th Street NW 9:20 pm
On 14th, at side of 1319 Col. Rd NW 9:22 pm
3014 14th Street NW 9:25 pm
3016 14th Street NW 9:26 pm
3020 14th Street NW 9:27 pm
1400 Irving Street NW 9:28 pm
– side of Five Guys
3115 14th Street NW 9:31 pm
Park Rd & 14th Street NW 9:32 pm –
by Z Burgers
3314 14th Street NW 9:34 pm
3328 14th Street NW 9:35 pm
2 on Monroe at 14th Street NW 9:37 pm – these
came on and off again at sw and nw corners
3405 14th Street NW 9:38 pm
2 at 3420 14th Street NW 9:40 pm –
directly in front of Eng. Co. 11
2 at 3460 14th Street NW 9:44 pm
Meridian Pl. NW, side of 3443 14th St. NW 9:46 pm
1417 Otis Street NW 9:51 pm
3540 14th Street NW 9:52 pm
3521 14th Street NW (at Parkwood) 9:54 pm
On Spring Rd, side of 3619 14th St NW 9:56 pm
On Ark. Ave, side of Upshur Rec Center 10:11 pm
Arkansas & Buchanan Streets NW 10:17 pm
2 on Ark. Behind People’s, near Iowa 10:21 pm
Decatur & Arkansas 10:23 pm
In triangle park, Ark. & Delafield Sts NW 10:26 pm
3620 16th Street NW 11:12 pm
3 at Park Rd. NW & Mt. Pleasant 11:23 pm (see 1673
Park Road, NW, and 2 opposite it)”

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