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Starbucks coming to the former Trohv space in Takoma

by Prince Of Petworth August 26, 2016 at 9:50 am 35 Comments

232 Carroll Street, NW

Back in March we learned the former Trohv space would be subdivided into four units and now we know one will be a Starbucks. Thanks to A.S.K. for sending:

“Starbucks is one of the businesses replacing Trohv in Takoma!”

Ed. Note: Don’t forget the excellent La Mano Coffee Bar is just down the street at 304 Carroll Street, NW.

  • TKPK

    This is sad. I love my neighborhood in large part because it operates under the success of small businesses and has a small-town feel. IMO, Busboys and Poets was pushing it, but at least they operate consciously and are a local chain. Starbucks is a real disappointment.

    • David

      I know! Wouldn’t want to disrupt the sanctity of the space directly across from the CVS and down the block form the Wells Fargo.

      Funny how selective we can be in terms of what we choose to notice, and what we don’t.

  • Eat dirt

    That’s crap. This means driving a great small business like El Mano out.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Honestly, I think they’ll both do ok. They’re different enough that I doubt they’ll compete much at all for their clientele.

    • David

      If you’re going to promote a great local business, you might try getting their name right.

  • Wandy Rittman

    lol – when is Ruby Tuesday’s coming to the People’s Republic?

    • Reed_Walter

      I’d rather a Ruby Tuesday’s than another vegan restaurant…ugh.

      • Right? I’m hoping better restaurants means that Roscoe’s will need to step up their game or close up shop. Worst pizza ever. I think their biggest revenue comes from beer and wine drinkers enjoying the roped-off front patio.

        • Paul Mason

          Roscoe’s tries hard. But something is just off. Nice space, though. The Gluten Free pizza is terrible.

          • TakomaNick

            I actually with something like Memorable would open up in the Roscoe’s space. I love their Brookline location but they would kill in downtown Takoma. In my opinion, their pizza is comparable to the best in Italy.

          • SethGrimes

            I think Roscoe’s pizza is pretty good although I can’t speak to gluten free, myself.

            There is another restaurant in the works, an Italian place at 7000 Carroll Avenue, next door to Dolci Gelati.

  • Pixie

    The signs went up yesterday. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s good having another “3rd space” in the DC side of the neighborhood. La Mano is wonderful and will be my first choice for coffee, but the space is so tiny you can’t really meet up with friends there or linger with a book over coffee. Especially given all the new apartment buildings going up in Takoma, I think there will be enough people around to keep both La Mano and Starbucks in business.
    In other news, I’m happy that Big Bad Woof is moving into one of the units in this building.

    • GM

      Agreed, the amount of new residents in the area is pretty staggering. And while I like La Mano a great deal, it’s really a to-go coffee shop, despite their attempt to wedge four chairs in there. Having a coffee shop with seating available is a good thing. (Let’s face it, after a while, it was one of the only good things about Takoma Bistro before it finally closed.)

    • Local Resident

      I wanted to like La Mano and enjoyed their coffee for a long time but what a bunch of elitists in that shop. They actually laughed at me when I asked about a different type of coffee to see if they carried it. If you run a small business, the golden rule is be good to your customers. Never once has that owner ever been kind to me when I entered the store, even when I was in there daily for a few months. So, with that in mind, I’ll take the Starbucks over that crummy snobatorium anyday…

      • TakomaGuy

        I was also annoyed by their politics. They were sending out anti-Christopher Columbus tweets on Columbus Day. That’s a little wacky. Their coffee is excellent and I was just there yesterday but I don’t need Zinn with my coffee.

  • cheezy


  • Kwillz

    Wow. Am I the only one who thinks we’re missing a convenient grocery store?

    • Mike

      I don’t see how you’d get a grocery in that space.

      • TakomaNick

        My hope is that the CVS property will be redeveloped with a TJs or Yes on the ground floor. That parking lot is huge so they have the room.

        • On Capital Heels

          Please join the Facebook group petition for TJ’s to come to Takoma! We need one!!!

  • David

    To people fretting about whether this will drive La Mano out: It will only do that if people stop patronizing La Mano. So, don’t do that.

    In an ideal world, La Mano would be able to relocate to the soon-to-be-old Big Bad Woof space, which would give them significantly more room for seating, service etc.

    • anon

      I think in an ideal world la Mano would move to space Starbucks is moving into and Starbucks wouldn’t come at all. But, if we are comparing the current world where there is no place to lounge and drink coffee to the future world where you can lounge at Starbucks, I think it’s still a win.

    • La Mano had such difficulty getting Washington Gas to properly service their current space–If I were them, I’d stay as long as it took to recoup expenses from that effort, but look for a place with more sit-down space. I think they do quite well being so close to the Takoma metro. They are more involved in the Takoma community than Starbucks could ever be!
      Signed, a La Mano kickstarter supporter/mug member

      • David

        Don’t get me wrong, I love La Mano. But if you’re worried about the effect Starbucks might have on their business, the best thing–and really, the ONLY thing–you can do that will make a difference is to continue to purchase your coffee and snacks from them.

  • n3

    On the plus side, if this fails, can set up a local coffee shop like La Mano to take over the lease in order to get more space. The same thing happened with Bourbon Coffee on L Street, which took over a former Starbucks when Starbucks contacted.

    • n3

      *”it can set up” and “contracted.”

  • jsauri

    Okay, so ONE of the four units will be a Starbucks. The question is, how many of the other units will also be a Starbucks?

    • GM

      Big Bad Woof (currently across the street in woefully inadequate space) is, I believe, taking two of the remaining three spaces.

    • textdoc

      Takoma isn’t Arlington.

  • Martin

    Happy for there to be another space in Takoma. Only other place to sit is Capital City Cheesecake.

  • Nicky

    I grew up in the 70s and 80s in TP, and it’s bizarre to me how much it has changed from a relatively working class and middle class neighborhood with very little going on to such an upperclass, expensive place with the bustling downtown. I see these houses going for so much and know that a kid I grew up with lived there and had parents on disability or a mom who was a learning aid at the local school, etc. Now it’s unaffordable for almost all. I certainly like the gelato place, though!

    • SethGrimes

      Have you travelled by car between Takoma Park and downtown DC in recent years? The whole area has changed — Petworth, Brightwood, Columbia Heights, U Street, Shaw, … — and it’s continuing to change. Parts of Takoma Park outside TP’s “downtown” remain not cheap but relatively affordable.

      • Nicky

        Yeah, I know–14th, U St, H St, P St, F St where the 9:30 club used to be. It’s all wild.

  • Jackie Reidinger

    CVS now Starbucks – Takoma is going commercial – makes me so sad to see this sweet town lose its charm.

  • TKPK Chick

    I’m a 10 year Takoma Park resident on the MD side, but if I add the time I lived here during and just after college that put me at 16. I chose to move back after some time abroad and in DC. Just soooo sad to see what’s going on. TKPK is losing its funky groove.


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