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Check Out the New Outdoor Seating Area at Fish in the Hood!

by Prince Of Petworth August 30, 2016 at 10:05 pm 52 Comments

Georgia and Otis Pl, NW

Back in May 2015, Fish in the Hood first added some shade to their outdoor patio. We’re about to reach phase three.

Update – A reader reports:

“The seats are for eating and his future plans is to serve soft ice cream.”


  • Anonymous

    If they care at all about appealing to ALL neighbors, which judging by the renovation – they do, I’d suggest a new name.

    • DF

      Nope, name is fine. Enough with this PC nonsense.
      As PoP says, it’s full name is Fish in the Neighborhood.

      • Anonymous

        To me it has nothing to do with being PC. It’s a business decision. I’m saying more families might be willing to go to an outdoor tiki bar-style restaurant if it was not named Fish in the neighborHOOD. I’m guessing the outdoor area is an attempt to expand their appeal which I heartily applaud. It’s a very cool addition, but the name is a huge turnoff for me.

        • stacksp

          Maybe you should evaluate why the name of this local landmark established decades ago is a turn off to you. People claim to want to maintain neighborhood nostalgia and character but apparently only on their terms. They have extended an olive branch by renaming the place to Fish in the neighborHOOD and I am not sure why that is a turnoff. They sell fish and seafood in the Petworth Neighborhood.

        • Anon

          “more people with families”
          Yea, I’d totally bring Joey along to saddle up next to me at the bar for a few afternoon drinks after day care. He loves day drinking!

        • Hill Denizen

          Seriously? I’m as vanilla as they come, and I use the term “hood” all the time. It’s like “cool”. No one with any actual street cred still uses it. And sorry, but this still “the hood”.

          • Anon

            The people I see/hear using “hood” the most are the retired NIMBYish ladies who live in my rather yuppy, err, hood.

        • divebar311

          I CAN’T even with this response. Kick rocks homey.

    • Guillermo Brown

      I can’t tell if this is a joke…

    • Longfellow

      Fish in the Condo Conversion?

      Get outta here.

      • ANC


      • Ben

        Fish in the PopUP

    • madmonk28

      They did change the name. Also, how did I know the fist post was going to be a thread shit?

      • MB

        Love “thread shit.” Excellent!

    • picasso

      I’m inclined to frequent this establishment solely on the basis of that ridiculous comment. Hooray for awesome restaurant names like Fish in the Hood!

      • jumpingjack

        Seriously. I don’t understand why this is an issue at all.
        And I love the outdoor seating!

    • DCbyDay

      I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you don’t frequent the Handsome Cock then…

      • Anon

        I think they are back to Touchdown now.

    • kanon

      I mean, I don’t like seafood so yeah, if they would like to appeal to me then I definitely agree they should change drop the fish and change their name to Meat in the Hood. (…this is meant to be sarcasm and I fully accept that seafood restaurants do not have to cater to my tastes/lack of taste for seafood)

    • Kenny

      do you like Heat Da Spot?

    • kallie

      Obtaining Seafood for Consumption in a Location That Pleases All. Does that work for you?

      have a seat.

    • Park View

      Haha. Talk about an ignorant comment. 1) It was changed already in 2012 to reflect the changing demographics, and 2) Fish in the NeighborHOOD is a fantastic name 3) I seriously don’t think you could find an eatery in this city with a broader customer base. The place kills it already, and has for over ten years, but I’m sure we’d all love to hear what is this clever new name you’d suggest…

    • v

      omg. sit down.

  • stacksp

    Plenty of questionable establishment names that don’t appeal to all neighbors, some with sexual innuendos and connotation.

  • pweddy

    if you can’t handle a business name like this, I really don’t see how you can hack life in the city. must be rough…

    • Anon

      That was an almost literal “WONT SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN” post. God bless the OP.

    • say what

      agreed. Of all the problem businesses on GA avenue, Fish in the Hood is NOT one of them. The owner is awesome and friendly and clearly wants to create an inviting space that welcomes everyone to his place. Old timers and gentrifiers.

  • Anonymous

    How are they going to prevent late night loiterers? It seems that the entire back bar area is exposed to anyone who walks upon it. This doesn’t look very secure.

    • stacksp

      How is that any different than any outdoor patio space? They are all exposed in one way or another

      • Anonymous

        Most places with outdoor space don’t have this amount of fixed infrastructure exposed to the sidewalk without protective gates. In fact, I can’t think of many spots – aside from Dacha – that has a full bar exposed at sidewalk level. At least with Dacha they have gates and large plants to dissuade local late night louts from messing with their space. Most places with outdoor space just have a simple patio with stackable chairs and tables – for good reason.
        I don’t really give that much of a crap, as I don’t live next door to this place. Maybe someone who lives nearby can comment. I actually really like Fish in the ‘Hood and have visited a few times.

        • stacksp

          Actually, I see know what your concern is and without knowing or seeing the space, I am not sure honestly.

    • EnPetworth

      The patio has been open for a while and it never seems to be a problem. I love Fish in the Hood!

      • This place is the best and the original comment is so absurd I’m still considering smashing my head through my computer. Please pray for me. Daily.

        • skj84

          I clutched my imaginary pearls at the first comment. The nerve.

          • Anon

            I’m taking an extended lunch to pick out an actual pearl necklace for moments like this.

        • EnPetworth

          Dan, don’t smash your head, just go get some amazing fried shrimp and be happy the first commenter isn’t there to be in line ahead of you.

        • divebar311

          Yes it is. Best fried seafood I’ve had in a long time. Happy for more outdoor seating!!

          If you do not like the name please do not come.

        • BitterElitist

          That amusement I had when I saw the picture?

          *first commenter tinkle*

    • Lesley

      The seat part of the stools are removed every night at closing. Loitering does not seem to be an issue, save one or two people here or there. There are many more loitering locations on Georgia Ave that are worse.

    • Park View

      The stool seats are remove each night. They’ve actually been there for months and haven’t seen anyone hanging out at night yet.

  • Absolutely the best fried fish in town – product always fresh (no overwhelming fishy smell), place is clean, and Bill is a great guy running a great family business. Get the Whiting fried light with the mango sauce. They shouldn’t change the name because it will always be, and affectionately referred to as, Fish in the Hood.

    Maybe a tougher competition but, crab cake is definitely top 5 in DC.

    • picasso

      thanks for the tips, I’ll be heading there this week.

  • picasso

    That first post seriously makes me sad… what is wrong with people?!

    • Hill Denizen

      I don’t know, but that person seemed so self-righteous that I’m certain they’ll never actually acknowledge there’s anything wrong with them.

  • say what

    awesome crab cakes with mango sauce. Love the patio but does this place serve alcohol? if not they need to! A beer license would be gang busters for this patio space.

    • Ben

      I think that’s what Dan is hinting at with “phase three” – look again at the last photo. It looks like a walk-up bar to me…. Although I couldn’t find any hint of a liquor license application.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    I love the name. Sanitizing it for “the newcomers” would be absurd. Offensive, even.

  • Park View

    Gentrifiers already have much love for Fish in the Hood. Please don’t be mistaken in thinking that the initial commenter is representative.

  • Q

    Did they ever establish regular hours? I’ve only been there twice (and LOVED it), but have tried to go there numerous times only to find it closed.

  • textdoc

    Although I don’t agree with the very first poster’s suggestion that Fish in the Hood ought to change its name, I have to agree that to the uninitiated, it’s a little off-putting.
    When I moved to Park View, I didn’t initially check it out because its exterior didn’t really grab my attention and because quite honestly, I wasn’t sure whether a place named “Fish in the Hood” was a place where I would feel welcome.
    It wasn’t until I read rave reviews on PoPville that I went to check it out. As others have mentioned, the food is good, and the owner Bill is friendly. The first time I went there (with an outgoing friend who engaged Bill in conversation), I learned that “Fish in the Hood” wasn’t a name he’d chosen for the place, but rather a name that Howard students gave to it back when Park View WAS the “hood.”
    I think the quasi-change to “Fish in the neighborHood” was a welcoming gesture. I hope the first poster checks the place out, if he/she hasn’t already.

  • DrT

    First commenter is essentially telling us that ‘All Neighbours Matter” ;-)

    I myself am a newcomer-gentrifier, and I always assumed that this was just another fastfood joint on Georgia, and no lover of junkfood, I never went in. After reading the first commenter’s somewhat sad post, and all others’ responses, count me in and I’m looking forward to visiting Fish in the Hood very soon for a dinner.


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