Speeding Car Crashes into Potomac, 1 Survived, 2 Victims Found after Two Hour Search

by Prince Of Petworth July 10, 2016 at 9:08 am 12 Comments

fire boat
photo courtesy DC Fire and EMS

DC Fire and EMS reported just before 11pm Saturday night:

“Car reported in water – near Roosevelt Bridge – one out of water – checking on report of others possibly inside vehicle”

“Car into Potomac – off of Rock Creek Parkway. 1 occupant out – says as many as 2 others inside car – now in the water. Divers headed in.”

“2 hrs in & still looking for car & possibly additional occupants in Potomac near Roosevelt Bridge”

“2 occupants / victims have now been located inside car that went into Potomac near Roosevelt Bridge around 22:50”

NBC Washington reported:

“U.S. Park Police said the car was speeding down Ohio Drive when the driver lost control and crashed into the river.”

  • bruno

    Never hurts to go slowly, I always say.

    • Alex

      Driving sober often helps you avoid rivers, too.

      • ShannyBee

        Were you there?

  • dceyeballs

    Who knows the circumstances, but one thing is painfully clear: there are many behind the wheel in DC who drive like absolute maniacs while in the city. They would never drive that way though their own neighborhoods where their own kids play. The chance of getting pulled over for a DWI, speeding or other infraction is so low that no one is dissuaded from driving poorly. It’s only a matter of time before more of these drivers put themselves into the river or even worse—take out some kid in a crosswalk when they blast through a stop sign.

    • ShannyBee

      Im not sure what you consider “painfully clear” but the ONLY thing that is painfully clear is that two families suffered a horrific tragedy

  • I’m sure there’s something I’m not understanding, but how could it take over two hours to even find the car?

  • FridayGirl


  • U Streeter

    As someone who once hailed a cab home after work on a random Tuesday…only to find myself in a police chase – We have no idea the circumstances that lead the car into the river, nor do we know – even if the driver was erratic/speeding/drunk – the circumstances that lead to the passengers being in the car.
    My condolences to the families of those who lost their lives.

  • ah

    FWIW, from the plates on the car as seen on TV, it appears to have been a rental (DC plates).

    • FridayGirl

      Also, a critique of the TV footage – I wish they hadn’t put the car (and possibly plates) on TV until they had notified relatives. That would be a really awful way for family members to find out….

  • dceyeballs

    4 nights a week I watch drunk drivers tear down 18th street from Adams Morgan. No one heeds stop signs, they fly through red lights. They just do not care… and unfortunately will not care until (heaven forbid) they become a statistic alongside some innocent bystander.


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